Tiny is doing so well!!! I continue to be impressed and amazed by how much my little girl is doing. She can identify most common animals now. While holding two pictures one of a horse and one of a dog, I'll say "Tiny show mommy where the horsey is" and she'll pick the horse.
 She started with her speech therapist 2 weeks ago and is doing great!
 Her puzzles are her favorites! She will sit there for long periods of time just studying the pieces and putting them in and taking them out. So also loves to play with cars... My little tom boy!!
 Mike and I took her out for Ice cream the other day and boy oh boy am I sad that I forgot my camera. I gave her her own cone and she did really good with it. A lot of it ended up on her face and down her shirt but if it wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen... lol
 I am so happy to announce that our cause on Facebook ::Identify Infant Hearing Loss:: had its first donation today!! All monies are donated to the Foundation for Hearing Research Inc. Which is a non profit organization that funds a Program to provide immediate intervention services for these infants to stimulate the auditory brain with the goal of mainstreaming into their local schools, without special classes,by kindergarten. These services are offered at no cost to the parent for the first year. (http://www.oraldeafed.org/)
 If you are on facebook please join our cause http://www.causes.com/causes/294496 and show your support!! THANKS!!!
There is no greater joy than a mother and her daughter
11/29/2011 13:35

n GREAT news. She is repeating so many words now. They are far from clear but we know what she is saying. My favorite of Course is. "I- Love- You- MAMA!!!

09/24/2012 17:10

is before long


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