Today was beautiful. It  was 65* all sun with a bright blue sky not a cloud to be found. Teagan and I enjoyed the day on our small front lawn! At one point I swear she was talking to the angels. She was just looking up into the sky and smiling and cooing. It was awesome!

We also did some "nakey" time today and Teagan was living it up! hehe. She looked so cute.

Grandma Gigi came over today and it was nice that she got to spend some time with Teagan. Teagan was a little tired so she was a bit fussy but still had a great time with her Grandma. Saturday hopefully she will be coming again and her Grand dad might be here as well! I know he will be excited to see her and how much she has really changed. The next day Gramme and Grampy are driving in from TN. I know they can't wait to see her and Mr Teddy Bear! It's going to be an awesome week!

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