Gramme and Grampy went back to TN this morning. :( Teagan and I are very sad but we have comfort in knowing in less than a month we will be flying to TN and spending 9 days with them! Yaay!
 Yesterday before Aunt Mary's retirement party Teagan opened her Easter gift from Gramme and Grampy

Teagan's gums were really sore at Aunt Mary's but Gramme was great and soothed her very well. The rest of the kids were having a lot of fun together. Teddy, as usual, was being quite the ladies man! He was so funny...

Today was a yucky day outside over cast  but at least it wasn't too cold. We went over to see daddy and got Teagan's pictures done at the Picture Me center. I was very good and only spent $8... She looked so cute and did such a great job. After we to daddy's house and had a really fun time...

The little Miss is getting to be such a little stinker when it comes to her hearing aids. On the way home I thought she had fallen asleep well nope, she, just like every other kid when they are doing something they are not suppose to  just get quiet. When I went to get her out of the car I found her gnawing away at her hearing aid. I can't wait for the Ear Gear to come in!!!!!

05/31/2012 19:58

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