Teagan had a lot of fun today in her Rain forest jumperoo!

Grandma and Granddad came down for a visit today. Teagan had a good time and loved all of the attention. She even showed them how far she can get by just rolling over and over. lol. Granddad gave her her pony ride on his knee and Teagan really enjoyed that

She cracked us up when she pulled her headband over her face. I guess she was telling us she didn't want to have it on anymore. Really the girl is just smart. She tries to out smart mommy by finding new ways to pull her hearing aids out. But mommy always catches on and put them right back in. Usually by the third time (IN A ROW!!) she  gets the point ... until a few hours later.. Kids, gotta love 'em.. hehe .
 Well our count down to seeing Gramme and Grampy is down to mere hours now!!!! We are very excited. When I put the phone to Teagan's ear and she heard her Gramme talking she got the biggest grin on her face...
  And now for the last picture of the night. I made a college of a few of the professional pictures we got of Teagan and a couple of Teddy and JT and wanted to share it:

12/16/2010 07:45

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