Teagan's teacher came today! And according to her Teagan is coming in at the 16-18 month for her receptive, expressive and listening skills. This is wonderful news and is showing that she is not falling behind in the least. She is excelling in most things and we have a tiny bit of work today in the sound department. She will imitate the sounds AHHH, MMMM, DUHH, EEEE but we need some work with the OOHHH sound. Teagan is currently consistently saying "Nig-Nig" (night night) "bye-bye" , "MaMa" & "En-row" (Hello). She signs: Milk, All done, eat, thank you and Mom. 
She knows where her eyes,ears,mouth, nose, head, belly and belly button are. She is starting to identify things and make simple choices. For example I'll hold up a puzzle piece of a dog in one hand and cat in the other. I'll say Teagan where is the dog. She'll either point or use her eyes to identify the dog. Then I'll say Teagan put the dog in the bin. And she'll take the dog puzzle piece from me and put it in the bin!
I am so impressed with the Little one. She is doing just great. Tomorrow we will go to see her audiologist for a booth test. Fingers crossed we get some better results so that we don't have to have her sedated!!!

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