Teagan's 2 year old stats!!  Height: 34 1/4 (Birth: 20 1/4 in) Weight: 26 3/4 (Birth: 6.9lbs) Head Circ: 18.75. (BirthThe doctor said she is looking fabulous! She had three shots today and one the nurse said was very painful Teagan was great and only cried for a minute or so and then was back on her way... lol Such a good girl! Teagan's 2nd Birthday Party was quite the sucess!! She had such a great time! I can't believe how well she did. She opened all her presents all by herself and had so much fun! She got lots and lots of toys her favorite being the Little People Doll house. When we took her home and took it out of the box she went nuts playing with the family. When it was time for her to go night nights she kissed all the little people and put them in their beds. It was really sweet. She enjoyed dancing around to the open and close song her SUV sang. She also blew out her candles! On her actual birthday she blew out the candles all by herself. At her party I think maybe she had some help. Mike swears he didn't help her... you tell me what you think?!

 Halloween was loads of fun!!!! Teagan was a pink poodle. Everyone thought she was just adorable. She did great once she got the hang of it. She signed "thank you" to almost everyone and her friend Bethany explaiend to everyone that Teagan said thank you with her hands! It was very sweet!
Tiny really got into the Halloween Spirit! Here is a video of her signing "Happy Halloween"
11/29/2011 13:35

n GREAT news. She is repeating so many words now. They are far from clear but we know what she is saying. My favorite of Course is. "I- Love- You- MAMA!!!


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