Teagan had a great first birthday party today!! Unfortunately Miss Teagan had a fever this morning from her shots yesterday and cut a tooth today so she wasn't in the best mood but still did really well! It was nice that so many people came out to help us celebrate! She was so beat when we got home but I put her in the tub and ya know how my little "lady" thanked me for her party.... she pooped in the tub!!! What a stinker... LOL... Thats my Teagan!!!
The following are links to a video I made to honor Teagan's First Year! I had to break them up because it is quite long. I am proud of how it turned out and I surely will be playing this in front of all her friends at her 16th Birthday!! I'm such a evil mom! Teehee!! The truth is I'll be watching it on the eve of her 16th birthday Bawling my eyes out! LOL!!

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