Teagan and I went to a little diner near our house for dinner last night. I got her some penne and meatballs (hold the sauce). I cut up her one of her meatballs and she was eating nicely. Then she grabbed a whole meatball and started chomping on it like an apple.. She got the "WOW" face , i totally need to get a picture of that face because it is HYSTERICAL!!. After she finished her WHOLE meatball she grabbed another one and hurled it at my head!!!!!!! It took everything in me not to laugh. I said, "Now Teagan we do not throw our food and we especially don't throw our food at Mommy's head"  She got the goofiest look on her face like, Mom you always try and get me to throw the ball back and forth and now your telling me not too!!! LOL Then I started to laugh.. BAD IDEA because 2 seconds later she threw her sippy cup at me. This is when being a mom is very trying. You want to teach them well but they are such little comedians at this age. I need to practice my stern mom face in the mirror...HAHA!

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