Ms. Robyn, Teagan's Teacher came and brought her fishing pole and fishes! Tiny wasn't focusing too well because Teddy and Aunt D were there. I was a little worried about that but Ms. Robyn said that it was ok she was happy to see Teagan interact with another kid.
 We found out that Tiny is ULTRA jealous. She's for the most part ok about sharing her toys but when it comes to sharing her "people" Forget about it. Teddy climbed in my lap and she started bawling and climbing into my lap. The second he jumped out she jumped out too. Like ok  I didn't really want to sit with you right now I just didn't want anyone else to sit there either. lol
Silly Kiddos.
 We headed to Philadelphia shortly after Ms. Robyn left. We had a wonderful time walking around Penn's Landing. Teagan and Teddy were fascinated by the steps. They played so nicely together. We had a picnic lunch and then took a walk down South Street. Unfortunately the kiddos were getting sleepy so we had to cut the day short but NOT before we to the Irish Shoppe where we took last year. The shop owner was just wrapped up in my little 4 month old Irish Princess! She remembered her this year!!! I was shocked! We bought her an adorable little bow and then went on our way. The kids were all tucked out and fell asleep with in 10 minutes.
 Miss Tiny of course was awake with in 30 minutes. I swear this kid just doesn't want to sleep during the day anymore. I think she's much to young to not have a nap. We'll see I'm thinking it has something to do with the time change. I don't know. What I do know is that she went to bed with no complaints so that's a PLUS!!
 We are loving these sunny days Tiny and I stay outside ALL day and I woke up today YAAY its sunshiny again!! Time to get dressed and go play!!!
Teddy and Teagan walking down Penn's Landing
03/18/2010 08:12

Teagan, you are just like you Momma. She acted the same way when I worked in the nursery at Club Genesis. She would get very jealous if I was holding or playing with another child.


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