In just one year this little girl has shot up 4 inches (44inches) and has gained 4.5 lbs (42lbs). She's growing beautifully and very healthy!! She had her repeat hearing test and it looked much better than the previous one! Mild sloping to profound. We retest on November 15 then again in January and then every 3 months from here on out. She should be getting the phonak sky hearing aid. It's really cool and tri colored. We've been upping the sign language dramatically in our family. Signing together has always brought great joy!  I'm excited to see how everything will work out. I'm still inn awe every time I look at this kid. She's simply amazing. I'm truly in love with the amount of support we've received during this time. It brought great joy to see how involved and willing Michael and his family are to be a part of this. Making a blended family work is hard work but there it's so much love here. This life, though difficult, is such a blessing.

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