Today I took Teagan to go meet the big man... yup you know who I mean .... Santa Claus!
Boy was she cute. She was racing to see him and then half way there she just stopped looked at him with her crooked little grin and looked up at me with that cautious smile. "Its ok" I encouraged her with a big smile, "It's Santa" She sat on his lap with a huge grin on her face, just long enough to take a couple pictures then BAM the screaming began.. LOL her face turned red and she let out a scream and wiggled her way out of his arms. Then Santa showed her a coloring book and she was all smiles again. It was so cute!
Teagan and Santa
Santa and Teagan
She looked so cute today I was totally the Mamarazzi with my camera, snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. this one is my absolute favorite!
And I was finally able to get a couple of updated picture of us together! The middle one is soo funny to me!! Teagan is such a goof ball!
Below is a gallery of some of the picture I took!
12/14/2009 18:42

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