This rain/gray dreariness is getting old already... come on God deliver some sun!!!
 Despite the crappy weather last night before I went to bed I said a prayer to have a sunny attitude despite the very UN-sunny weather. I guess God answered my prayers because Teagan and I had a wonderful day today!!
 We both woke up in good moods. Teagan wasn't as clingy as she was yesterday and didn't cry at all during the day she was being such a good baby. Danielle and Teddy came over today and we went to Wal-mart just to get out of the house. Teddy and Teagan were playing so nicely together I wish i would have had my camera on me. Especially when they were playing with her vtech guitar it was just adorable. I LOVE my daughter and nephew so much they are the best kids EVER!
 Teagan's cold seems to get worse at night and I felt so bad for her because when i put her down to bed she started SCREAMING!! and then coughing.. my poor little baby. I took her out of the crib and read her the book "Little Luv Angel" while i rocked her to sleep. I really hope this cold goes away for her soon....
 I am including a couple of pictures from last night that i forgot to post. I was feeding her some Squash about a half hour before bedtime and she was so getting so sleepy she let out a little sneeze and then rubbed her little fist all over her face ... this is the outcome... it was funny. My favorite is the yawn one! Ne

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