After nearly 3 years and tons of life changes we are back!!!! Check back soon for the big update! 
Teagan's 2 year old stats!!  Height: 34 1/4 (Birth: 20 1/4 in) Weight: 26 3/4 (Birth: 6.9lbs) Head Circ: 18.75. (BirthThe doctor said she is looking fabulous! She had three shots today and one the nurse said was very painful Teagan was great and only cried for a minute or so and then was back on her way... lol Such a good girl! Teagan's 2nd Birthday Party was quite the sucess!! She had such a great time! I can't believe how well she did. She opened all her presents all by herself and had so much fun! She got lots and lots of toys her favorite being the Little People Doll house. When we took her home and took it out of the box she went nuts playing with the family. When it was time for her to go night nights she kissed all the little people and put them in their beds. It was really sweet. She enjoyed dancing around to the open and close song her SUV sang. She also blew out her candles! On her actual birthday she blew out the candles all by herself. At her party I think maybe she had some help. Mike swears he didn't help her... you tell me what you think?!

 Halloween was loads of fun!!!! Teagan was a pink poodle. Everyone thought she was just adorable. She did great once she got the hang of it. She signed "thank you" to almost everyone and her friend Bethany explaiend to everyone that Teagan said thank you with her hands! It was very sweet!
Tiny really got into the Halloween Spirit! Here is a video of her signing "Happy Halloween"
Dear Teagan, We've been working a lot on our ASL. Mommy made this video for you! We still have a long way to go but I hope you like it. Love you more and more each day kid, Mommy
I can't believe another year has past! What special memories we've had.
Well its been almost as month since our last update. I miss updating more often but life is just much more hectic with a toddler.
 This month has been a lot of fun. We took a trip to Wildwood on July 1st with Gramme, Grampy, Aunt Danielle and Teddy. Teagan just LOVED the water she is truly a fish. She has so much playing in the sand and running into the waves. This year she didn't eat the She did however chase a seagull all across the beach. That was very funny the whole time she is squealing in delight and signing bird. As usual Tiny made friends with the people sitting next to us. They let her play with their ball and were thrilled with all of her signing. We walked the boardwalk and she had her first slice of boardwalk pizza. We played a couple of games and of course stopped at the boardwalk mall where Tiny enjoyed a bunch of watermelon. lol. It was a long day but so much fun!
Happy at the beach!
 Independence Day was awesome! Unfortunately I was mistaken in my last post in saying we were having a family reunion. Apparently things didn't go as plan. But we still had a great time with our family. Teagan has so much fun with her cousins. She played very nice with her 2 year old cousin Ryan. She danced along while we sang happy birthday to Gramme!
After the Picnic we went with Mike, his parents, his niece and her mom to the Quakertown Fireworks. It was a beautiful show. Teagan was very excited she thought the fireworks were flowers in the sky. She kept singing it. lol. We walked home and she played with Bethany for awhile. she had a lot of fun. Mike gave her first popsicle (and orange one!) It was a wonderful memorable 4th of July.
MY favorite of Mike and Tiny at the fireworks
It's been awhile since I've posted. Things are going really well in our world. Teagan is signing up a storm. I can't believe she has around 25-30 signs now. She even helped her 10 year old cousin put her finger tips together to sign "MORE" I am so grateful to all the people in our lives who have been learning to sign with us! It's wonderful because its not such a mystery to people when she asks for things in sign. It means more to me then you can ever imagine. Teagan so far has never had a chance to feel different and is growing up such a happy child!
 Her favorite songs are "These are the Pets I love" For that song she signs "Bird", "Fish", "Cat", "Dog", "Horse", and "Frog" She gets so excited when we start singing she also will do most of the animal sounds!
Her favorite Mommy and Me song is "1,2,3" by Laurie Berkner. She signs "HAT" and when I sign "I love you" at the end of the songs she sings "I ove ew". It warms me to my core.
 She is such a lovable child always reaching up and giving me giant bear hugs and lots of kisses... It's funny I remember the first kiss she gave me. She open her mouth wide and gave me this slobbery open mouthed "kiss" on the nose. Her kisses now so sweet. She press her lips together and go mmmmm and then kisses me on the lips. It's just so sweet!
I love her more and more everyday!
 She's a terrified of big dogs but LOVES cats and small dogs. Recently she made a little kitty friend named Ali. Its sooo cute when she tried to kiss Ali and give her a drink out of her sippy cup.
 Gramme and Grampy are coming to PA in a couple day and we are all very excited. July 4th is not only Mom's birthday but we will also be having a big family reunion. Last one we had I, along with 2 of my cousins we're pregnant and all due with in a month of each other. It will be so exciting to meet all the babies (that are almost 2 now.. JEEZ!! where did the time go!)
Signing 'EAT'
Pretty Girl getting ready for bed
It's Time to Start Our Memorial Day Adventure!!
Tiny is more than thrilled!!
We had a wonderful and very eventful Memorial day! We incorporated a lot of learning and language! We started out at Cabela's. Tiny was amazed by all the animals, especially the yellow fishys in the Moose Pond.
Next we took a Ride to Hersey to visit Chocolate world. Tiny was a little apprehensive about the ride but did wonderful. She sat very still and really liked the singing cows! She was especially happy when Mike gave her a piece of delicious Hersey Chocolate.... she liked it so much when I opened mine she leaned over and chomped off half of it... lol... lots of chocolate kisses after that! She was so good that Mommy got her a Hersey Kiss Sippy Cup!! We decided to try and do the 3-D show. It was 25 minutes and we weren't sure how she would be because she's not a tv/video watcher. But she did amazing. She didn't keep on the glasses but she loved Dancing too the much and feeling all the special effects!
We wrapped it up and shortly after we started our trip home Tiny had the ultimate Sugar Crash!!
Ni-Ni Tiny!
Our day still wasn't over yet though!!! We drove along the Delaware River and parked in a little area so we could skip rocks. Teagan thought it was hysterical. She sat her cute little heiny down and kept throwing rocks she giggled like a mad woman every time. I am disappointed I left the camera in the car!!  We went to have dinner but Tiny got very angry when I took her ball away and she refused to eat....LOL ohhhh being the joys of Toddlerhood... lol
Little Miss is doing so well with her signs. We were eating Goldfish Crackers in the car and she kept whining. I said, "Miss Teagan that is not the way we ask for more. Show Mommy how we ask for more" and of course she signed more. "Very Good. Now can you sign Fish" and she signed Fish. Now we just need to learn "Please"!!! Great Job Tiny Mommy is so proud of you!!
Tiny is doing so well!!! I continue to be impressed and amazed by how much my little girl is doing. She can identify most common animals now. While holding two pictures one of a horse and one of a dog, I'll say "Tiny show mommy where the horsey is" and she'll pick the horse.
 She started with her speech therapist 2 weeks ago and is doing great!
 Her puzzles are her favorites! She will sit there for long periods of time just studying the pieces and putting them in and taking them out. So also loves to play with cars... My little tom boy!!
 Mike and I took her out for Ice cream the other day and boy oh boy am I sad that I forgot my camera. I gave her her own cone and she did really good with it. A lot of it ended up on her face and down her shirt but if it wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen... lol
 I am so happy to announce that our cause on Facebook ::Identify Infant Hearing Loss:: had its first donation today!! All monies are donated to the Foundation for Hearing Research Inc. Which is a non profit organization that funds a Program to provide immediate intervention services for these infants to stimulate the auditory brain with the goal of mainstreaming into their local schools, without special classes,by kindergarten. These services are offered at no cost to the parent for the first year. (
 If you are on facebook please join our cause and show your support!! THANKS!!!
There is no greater joy than a mother and her daughter
And when the cloud seem to shadow my life this tiny ray of sunshine flashes her beautiful smile. I love you Teagan Cecelia.
Teagan is not 23 inches.. lol she is 32 inches long!