Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. Today I will be remembering Teagan's twin who I  lost at 5 weeks pregnant and my sister Victoria Ann who came into this world fighting and went home to God shortly after.
 Teagan's twin truly is her guardian angel because if God did not call her home so soon I may not have found out I was pregnant until very late in my pregnancy. With the damaged placenta, gestational diabetes and raising blood pressure towards the end good prenatal care was vital.
 My dear Angel Baby,
 I am sorry I don't talk about you much but please know I do think about you all the time. Thank you for giving me the gift of your sister Teagan! I know I will see you again someday!
 I love you,
 My mom lost Victoria Ann after a wonderful pregnancy to Meckel Grueber Syndrome.My mom was then told she was going to lose me too  and that it would be less painful for her to just abort me early in her pregnancy. She went through so much and  against all odds she chose to give birth to me anyway.
My mom was the first Angel mom I knew and just like Summer, Tammy, Jacey (to name a few) their strong will and determination makes them my hero.
 Please visit http://evelynrosefoundation/MemorialWall.html and say a pray for all the mothers and families of Angel Babies today!

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