Overall today was a wonderful day.
  We had the alarm set for 7:30am because we had to be out of the house and heading to the downtown campus at CHOP at 8:30am. My darling Little One had other plans when she woke up at 5:30am.. hehe
 The appointment went okay. It was basically about a family's healthy adjustment to hearing loss. Well the lady got me down a little. She pretty much came down on me because i choose at this point not to get the genetic evaluation done.  She said that some doctors THINK that MAYBE in 15 years they can do genetic therapy and restore hearing. I dunno it's just my choice at this point not to do it. Maybe later on I will but for right now I feel like I have enough on my plate with all the doctors appointments. I don't think it makes me a bad mom.. oh well I talked it out i feel better now so on to the BETTER PARTS OF THE DAY!!

The lady forgot to tell us that it was a 2 hour appointment (it actually ended up being THREE!!) so by the time we left we were very hungry. We went to the South Street Diner for lunch, then just decided since it was such a beautiful to just make a day out of being in the city. So we went to Penn's Landing.   Lewis loved showing his Teagan the water and the boats.

Teagan got tired pretty quickly from all the sun and fresh air. That gave Mommy and Daddy time to have a nice quiet stroll. It felt really nice to be doing out door things as a family of three!

Finally we decided it was time we should be wrapping thing up. So we started walking back to our car when we saw this cute little Irish Shop. Teagan and I tried on hats and bows. She looked so cute! I love the beanie on her! The lady at the store was so sweet. She just loved the "Irish Princess" lol.
 So that was our day. Teagan just loves this new warmer weather (though she HATES!!! sun in her eyes. I am looking forward to tomorrow it's gonna be 65* yaay... hopefully we can get to the park!

Teagan's St. Patrick's Photo's

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