Wow, Amazing, Wonderful. Words used to describe Teagan and my Christmas. Everything was just perfect! Santa was sooo good to our little one! Her reaction to her new Step 2 pink Buggy was priceless.
Teagan ate a huge breakfast of eggs, a half a bagel, strawberries and banans!! I swear my kid is an endless pit..LOL Then it was time to open MORE presents. Just to name a few she got The laugh N Learn Piggy Bank and Tea set, tons of clothes, tons of books, mega blocks, and a panio! Mommy was spoiled too. Dad and Mom got me a Opal and Diamond Necklace. I love it because its Teagan birthstone and when I am working I have a touchstone now to my daughter. They also got me a new diaper bag which I DESPRATELY needed!!! My dad God Bless him Got me a GPS so now I don't have to worry about detours when I got to Children's Hospital!! 
Gramme and Grampy loved the presents from Teagan. For Gramme a Willow Tree Generations figure
And  her gift to her Grampy was a mug that said Grampy!
When Teagan woke up from her nap we all good ready and went over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bills for a giant Christmas Feast. Everything was so tasty. Teagan ate turkery, mashed potatoes, brocoli and a roll. She tried sme of the home made cole slaw but didn't like it too much.. LOL
Finally Danielle, Ted and Teddy came and the family was all together! The very best gift of all!!!!!!
What an amazing day. Teagan was so fun. I know technically this is her 2nd Christmas but in my mind this is her first. Last year she was so sick and slept through the whole thing (not that she would have done any better if she wasn't sick she was only 8 weeks old!!!) LOL This year she was just to into it. Opening presents all on her own. Getting Excited, eating Christmas dinner.. it was all just so wonderful and ended too fast. I wish I could freeze yesterday for just a little longer!!
Merry Christmas Love, Teagan and her Mommy!
Later on I will add a Christmas Photo Gallery but for Now.. OFF TO WORK!! Teagan, Gramme, Grampy, Teddy and Aunt Dot are going to visit Cousin Bill, Lynn and the girls. I hope they get some pictures because Teagan just loves her cousins!!
12/27/2009 04:14

What a wonderful Christmas. Arriving home to be with my family for the holiday. Spenting Christmas Eve with Amanda, Teagan, Dottie & John and watching Christmas movies over and over again, Then time to settle down for the night. Waking up to Teagan playing quietly in her crib. Finally the joy of watching Teagan opening all her presents. I was having a flashback of my our childhood and of Christmas past with my own children. What a wonderful life. My wish is to celebrate All Our Christmas in this traditional way.

12/27/2009 07:37

Love you Mom! Thanks you for such an amazing Christmas! We Love You!!!

12/16/2010 07:39

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