They really don't warn you about how fast life will go once you have child. I can't believe in a few short days my baby girl will be graduating from Kindergarten and I will have a first grader! She has done exceptionally well in school this year academically, but still needs some work in her social skills.They call her a "natural leader" (read:bossy). Once she can harness the bossy, she will make a terrific leader.
  I think the greatest thing was Teagan learning to read this year. She really enjoys reading and its been amazing for the roles to reverse and have her read bed time stories to me. She also really enjoys and does well with Math. It crazy the homework and things the kids are learning in kindergarten. Some things I didnt even learn until middle school. She also completed a research project about Seals. So adorable. 
 My fears of her hearing loss possibly holding her back have COMPLETELY dissolved.  I can tell you 100% this kid does not let her hearing loss stop her in any way shape or form. Her Teacher has followed the IEP and uses Teagan's FM everyday and seats her in the class where she can easily see the teachers face. Of course we are so lucky to have the most amazing teacher (for the deaf) Ms Robin still be on Teagan's team! 

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