Teagan has been doing great she started making a Buuhh sound! Its so cute. She also has been saying "oof oof" when she sees a doggie. I am so proud of how far she is coming with her speaking. She's trying to hard to talk!! Her teacher tells us she probably won't start talking until 2 1/2- 3 but I don't know I think with her determination she is going to start talking before that! If not thats ok too. :)
 I can't believe it is already December. I am so excited! I love the Christmas seasons it so cheery and exciting. Gramme and Grampy come home for TN and the whole family gets together. This year I am happy to say that Teagan will be meeting the Rempfer side of the family, we haven't seen them in many years so needless to say Mommy is excited too!!
 Yesterday we had out first snow! It was so pretty coming down in HUGE flakes. I wish I could have taken Teagan out but I had to work all day.. YUCK! so fingers crossed next for the next snow! :)
I'm taking the car mom!
Gotta Love that Smile!

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