Where did January Go? Another month that has flown by way to fast! I wish I could find the magic button that would things down a bit!!
 Teagan is doing great! Getting into everything like any normal toddler. I swear this kid likes hearing the words NO, GET DOWN, and TIME OUT! lol But for all the stressful things they do at this age they also have this incredibly sweet and loving side to them.
Last night 2 am I was just about to fall asleep when I hear this little voice say "Mom" I thought she was dreaming then I hear "Ma Mom, Mom, MOM!!!" and then a little whimper with my eyes adjusting to the dark I finally see Teagan standing in her crib staring at me with her arms held out. "Hi Teagan. Mommy Missed you today" and her head goes on my shoulder and arms go round my neck. "mommy is sorry she has to work so much and can't tuck you in every night" and her little hand starts patting my back. "Mommy loves you baby" and she lifts her head to look at me and says "ov u" My heart melted. I gave her one final squeeze and kiss and put her into her crib when she fell right back asleep.
 It was an amazing moment that I will never forget!!
My sweet Girl

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