Well its been almost as month since our last update. I miss updating more often but life is just much more hectic with a toddler.
 This month has been a lot of fun. We took a trip to Wildwood on July 1st with Gramme, Grampy, Aunt Danielle and Teddy. Teagan just LOVED the water she is truly a fish. She has so much playing in the sand and running into the waves. This year she didn't eat the sand...lol She did however chase a seagull all across the beach. That was very funny the whole time she is squealing in delight and signing bird. As usual Tiny made friends with the people sitting next to us. They let her play with their ball and were thrilled with all of her signing. We walked the boardwalk and she had her first slice of boardwalk pizza. We played a couple of games and of course stopped at the boardwalk mall where Tiny enjoyed a bunch of watermelon. lol. It was a long day but so much fun!
Happy at the beach!
 Independence Day was awesome! Unfortunately I was mistaken in my last post in saying we were having a family reunion. Apparently things didn't go as plan. But we still had a great time with our family. Teagan has so much fun with her cousins. She played very nice with her 2 year old cousin Ryan. She danced along while we sang happy birthday to Gramme!
After the Picnic we went with Mike, his parents, his niece and her mom to the Quakertown Fireworks. It was a beautiful show. Teagan was very excited she thought the fireworks were flowers in the sky. She kept singing it. lol. We walked home and she played with Bethany for awhile. she had a lot of fun. Mike gave her first popsicle (and orange one!) It was a wonderful memorable 4th of July.
MY favorite of Mike and Tiny at the fireworks

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