Teagan celebrated her very first Easter today and boy was the Easter Bunny good to her!
 We had a very nice morning opening Easter present she got books, and clothes and toys!!! Then we went to Aunt Mary's and Teagan had do much fun playing with her cousin: Nicole, Lindsey and Payton! Linds. was just full of pep at the dinner table and cracking us all up when she gave us all nick names. Teagan was Sleepy Head, I was Flower and Lewis was Lew Lew! We had to leave shortly after our delicous dinner of grilled pork, veggies, homemade coleslaw and of course the most delcious of them all Aunt Mary's pineapple bread!! Teagan is in for a treat next year when she can have some.
 We then went to Grandmom and Grand dad's house. Teagan did really well and opened up yet another easter basket filled with her favorites Gerber Carrots and Squash and also an adorable chick wrist rattle. She has a lot of fun with her grandparents. Grand dad wasn't feeling so hot so we didn't stay to long but we will see them again soon!
 Then we made our last stop of the night to Aunt Dee and Uncle Teds! Teagan and Teddy were playing and looking so cute together as usual. They made an adorable little easter basket for her and we just loved the bunny ears!

Teagan was such a sleepy girl she fell asleep as soon as we got to the car. I think she might be coming down with a little cold and on top of the teething I feel so bad for the little Miss! Lots of TLC and R&R because less than two weeks less until we go to TN!!! Yaay! We are so excited.

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