They prepare you for a lot when you are pregnant and about to bring home a new born but what they don't prepare you for is just how fast those newborn days would end! 5 months old already... where did the time go?!

Inspire the Senses
 I taste with my mouth, I smell with my nose
I touch with my fingers, and sometimes my toes!
I hear with my ears, I see with my eyes

Every new day brings a surprise
My senses are inspired all the time when I play
My world grows big ( so will I) every day!

I read this today on a pack of teethers... yes it looks like little Miss Teagan is starting on her fun journey of getting  her tiny pearly whites. She's drooling she's drooling like crazy, seems to feel warm a lot, always has her fingers in her mouth and chomping like crazy on whatever she can get her mouth on. So I think we are close!!
 Gramme and Grampy are a half hour from being home!! We probably won't see them tonight. But tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!!

12/16/2010 07:35

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12/17/2010 10:57

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12/17/2010 10:58

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