Yaay! We got one of Teagan's aids back today!! It didn't take as long as I thought it would... THANK GOD! The other mold still needs to get fixed but I am not sure when they will be able to get us in. Teagan is too old to go through the Baby Bank to get her molds but too young for Advanced to her molds so currently her audiologist and I are trying to work out who exactly will do Teagan molds. I'm not sure if insurance will cover it or not so Monday I have a phone call to make!
 She has not touched them since I put them back in this morning so HOPEFULLY she will continue with that.
 This week has been ok. Teagan has been amazing but I've been working like a crazy person!! I miss my babes like crazy but she has sooo much fun with her aunts to that makes it a lot easier!
 Yesterday we went to the mall so she could play on the indoor playground and ride around in the buggy. Normally I don't go into stores but when I seen the Disney Store with a big SALE sign I got sucked in... and Teagan, dear Teagan made out! LOL She got a Cinderella barbie for Christmas last year, baby Belle for Christmas this year and yesterday she got Toddler Aurora and Ariel... here she is.. surrounded by Princesses!

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