Teagan had a wonderful Fifth Birthday Party! Her friends and family made the party so special for her. She loved the pumpkin patch built in the back yard. Monday we'll be heading for her 5 year old well child check. Can't wait to see how much my baby has grown I swear she's grown at least 3 inches this year! 
The day before her birthday we got the audiogram and report back from Teagan's hearing test. Unfortunately Teagan did lose more hearing then we initially thought. Teagan is now coming in the moderate to profound ranges in her left ear. Below is a audiogram showing her most recent lose. *its a blank one that i filled out to show what she can and cannot hear.
 It's been a week of wonder and research and craziness as I try to wrap my head around my daughter going deaf.   I'm (not so patiently) waiting for Tuesday to meet with Melinda (Teagan's audiologist) to find out some much needed information on what comes next for Teagan. 
 In the mean time we've reached out and met some amazing new people, deaf and hard of hearing kids with CI's and their parents. Whether or not Teagan will continue to wear hearing aids, go completely deaf, get a CI, etc. etc. It's about time she starts have strong role models with hearing loss. And its about time that I start reaching out to other parents who have had to make difficult decisions for their children, and other parents who understand some of the feelings that I have about raising a HOH child.  
Teagan's Audiogram
We've noticed some changes in Teagan's speech and reaction to sounds she would normally hear. It's really hard to see her struggle to hear and say words that she previously has no problems with. She's been so frustrated. What is really fascinating is that she started using some of her signs again and asking for new signs. That makes me happy cause we love learning new signs in the house. :) 
  As scary as all this is and as weird as this might sound more and more I find joy in this journey. 
10/26/2013 23:34

My mom went through the same thing with my speech. The older I got, the more frustrating it was for me to pronounce the way it should be. She was my greatest speech therapy ever. Whatever you do, never let her stop talking no matter what. Correct her. Break the word into words. Took me months to learn how to say the months. So my mom had to break it so I can form it together. Just keep on doing it. She will be forever grateful for that.

But you know what, from all the stories you have ever spoken of, you are one GREAT mom! And you know what else? Teagan has so MUCH that is being offered to her because of today technology. Nothing was like this for me 34 years ago. My mom did the best she could and she never failed me. 34 years later, technology has come a LONG way, and right now, Teagan is so lucky more than you will ever know. When I see a parent struggling with the facts that their child has lost some/all of their hearing, all I can say that technology is so far advanced these days even for a simple hearing aid, and it will work out if you would let it. Something I never really had back then. I had the average hearing aids, but they were barely much help to me compared to today hearing aids. And of course hearing aids cannot be compare to cochlear implants which improved dramatically for me 1000%.

It is a scary thought with so many questions about "what ifs". All we can really do is take it day by day. Just as I do with my CI. I am still deaf, but CI has done wonders for me. My next goal is to actually hear water while swimming/showering/bathing. I know what water sounds like, but to be in it, I have no clue. The company I have CI with now offers waterproof processors. I am waiting to hear if I could exchange them since it's time for an upgrade. Who would've thought that I would be able to hear water one day?

Love ya cuz!


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