Disclaimer: It's nearly 4am and I can't sleep please excuse any typos!

So this morning, technically yesterday morning, Teagan woke me up as usual standing in her crib giggling and saying "Maw,Maw,MAAA, AHHHHHHH, Ma ma"  I roll over and say ' Yes Miss Teagan Bug Mommy is awake" I went over to her crib and find her face crusted over in drool and snot...(EWWYUCK) and as I'm cleaning her up I see it... The Top Tooth, the one that has been turning my little angel into a fussy devil, finally broke through!!! YAAAYYY TEAGAN!!! Needless to say Miss Bug was back to her normal happy self today and to celebrate we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast!! Teagan sure does love her blueberries she was shoving them in her mouth so fast i was afraid she was gonna choke. But she did look adorable. What a dork Mommy was forgetting to charge the batteries for the camera when Teagan's entire face  was covered in blueberries!

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