Gosh it's been awhile since I've updated this thing! Life is been so pleasantly busy lately and with this nice weather being inside on the computer is soooo NOT an option! :)
 Tiny has been doing so well. I am so proud of her. She is TALKING and Signing up a storm. I can't believe how much progress she has made since she got her hearing aids back! It's gonna be even better in a couple of weeks when she gets them adjusted. The CI's are NOT an option at this time. Unless she goes completely deaf in her left ear as well they will not be an option. However new, more powerful aids are in the works. I hope we can get them in pink again! :)
 On April 2nd Teagan woke up at 12:36AM very sick! My poor girl was throwing up all over the place. Apparently she had caught the bug that was going around. This was the first time she has been sick since she was 8 weeks old. It was a very scary time but luckily it was only a 12 hour bug and by 1pm she was getting into everything and acting like herself again. I hope we don't have anymore sickness for a long time.
 Easter was amazing. We had a such a great time. She looked so grown in her Easter dress. The Easter Bunny(ies) were VERY generous and she tried to get into all the candy she could. I had to hide most of it. lol This kid is obsessed with Peanut Butter. She loves Reese Pieces. Mike got her a giant chocolate bunny and I didn't think she would be able to open it Low and Behold kiddo had that thing open in seconds. lol  She has so much fun running around with her cousin Nicole, Lindsey and Payton. They are so good with her. They gave her this beautiful lady bug doll.
 We Missed Gramme and Grampy VERY MUCH but I was very grateful that we got to spend time with them via Webcam. We can't wait for their visit home in July.
When Tiny wakes up from her nap we are going outside to enjoy this beautiful day. I am so excited its suppose to be so warm this week. it's such a treat after the bitter weekend! Time to go get the little one some summer clothes.

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