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 Gramme and Grampy FINALLY arrived! After loads and hugs and kisses Gramme was on the floor playing and rolling around with Teagan. Teagan just loved it, she had so much fun. Grampy was thrilled to see his granddaughter. I love seeing these pictures and comparing it to when I was a baby playing with them!

A little awhile later we celebrated Uncle Ted and Grampy's birthday! It was awesome. Teagan loved spending time with her family. Daddy, Teddy and her were being so silly putting all the bows in each others hair.

Teagan and Teddy are the cutest cousin ever! They just love playing with each other and now Teddy can say her name just perfectly.

Teagan just loves her uncle Ted and they has sooo much fun together...


Today was another great day. Gramme and Grampy had a great time watching Teagan and said she was an angel. That's the kind of report mommy wants to hear!
 Teagan's been kind of weird about drinking from her bottle lately she is just not interested. I was starting to get really nervous but Aunt Dee let us try a different bottle and now she is eating like a champ again. Gotta love the quirkiness in babies.
 We had a great time playing outside at Aunt Dee and Uncle Ted's house. As soon as Teddy saw Teagan in her car seat he peaked his head in and gave her kisses and loves. Then we took Teagan on the swing and Teddy really wanted to go on but was waiting very patiently. So we decided that all three of us would sit on the bench swing. As we were swinging Teddy and I were singing..." we love to swing together, together, we love to swing together.. foo ev er!!" Teagan thought this was so funny and was smiling away.
 We started to get hungry so my parents took us all out to Lisa's Pizza for lunch... Our Favorite family pizza joint. The babies were so well behaved.  It was a wonderful after noon!
  Later that night we went over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill's for dinner. Gramme and Aunt Mary were dancing and singing to Teagan.. Teagan was eating it up and moving to the beat..lol.
 Gramme got Teagan the best thing in the world!! A pair of lipstick pink corded ear gear!!! No more frantic searching when her hearing aids come out... and even better she won't be able to get them near her mouth anymore! Watching to make sure she doesn't put them in her mouth is full time job...lol

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