I am so happy to say that Miss Teagan has continues to not be effected by what is going on!! She loves staying with her Aunts while Mommy is working! Her favorite toys are Violet and Scout (thank you Aunt Danielle and Lynn!) She usually walks around carrying Scout in her mouth by his ear with Violet in her arms. She giggles everytime she hears Violet Singing "her" song. Its so cute. 
 She's eating EVERYTHING in the house! LOL all that walking and running has really made her hungry. We are now down to two 8 oz bottles a day and we just started whole milk. She loves banana  pancakes!
 Her new molds should be coming in real soon and I am sure am looking forward to that because these old ones suck and Teagan is getting frustrated with them because they are uncomfortable! 
 I find myself loving getting up in the morning seeing my daughters smiling face and watching her grow into this awesome little lady with such personalility!

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