Today I have to go to court to testify against Teagan's dad. I am quite nervous because I have to be exposed emotionally and physically (through photographs) to a room full of strangers.  But knowing that it will keep my daughter safe is what will get me through today. I am so glad that she won't be far from the court house and minutes after it is all over I will be able to scoop her up and give her hugs and kisses. More importantly I'll see her beautiful smile.  Teagan's smile. The smile that reminds me the nightmare is over, it reminds me that I have the power to protect myself and my daughter and never be caught in the nightmare again.  Its love in its purest form.
11/29/2011 13:35

n GREAT news. She is repeating so many words now. They are far from clear but we know what she is saying. My favorite of Course is. "I- Love- You- MAMA!!!


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