We are closing in fast on Teagan's First Birthday. Only 5 days away. I am just in awe... I can' believe that I am going to have a one year old. Everyday she's changing, her personality just gets better. I was truly blessed with an amazing child. She NEVER lets her hearing loss hold her back from anything.She never ceases to impress me when. When I hear her EI Team saying she is right on target just like any hearing child it makes me so proud. Sure we still get stares but most people are very accepting and just want to know about them.   I was told the other day "don't worry just grow her hair out and no one will see her aids" I don't know why but that bothered me very much. I am not ashamed of her aids and I raise her not be ashamed of them. I want her to be proud of them, they are a part of her, just as important as her hands or any other limb. I can't wait unil she gets a little older and she can pick out her own molds. So far I've always had them clear. I figure when she gets old enough she'll appreciate making those choices for herself. We did however get some awesome removable stickers for halloween. We got her an adorable pair of skull and cross bone PJ's and the aid stickers have skull and cross bones too! I am trying so hard to find ladybug stickers for for her birthday but so far I can only find the paper sticker kind and they won't come off very easily.
 So with Teagan's 1st Birthday coming up whoa do we have a busy week. Robin (Teagan's teacher) is coming on Tuesday. On Wednesday we have a hearing aid check at CHOP, thank GOD we only have to go to the Calfont Office totally don't feel like driving to the city. By now Teagan should be old enough to have the booth test done properly so we should have a better idea of just how much Teagan is hearing! I am excited. The last booth test still put her at a moderate loss. I am excited to see what we will we find this time around. Thursday is the BIG day!!! At 5:31pm my litle one will be offically 1 year old. We will have a special family dinner and open a couple of presents. Friday we have her 1 year old check up and probably shots.. ew..and then Saturday is her Ladybug Birthday party!!!!!  Please pray we have nice weather because so far its no looking so good. Yesterday the forcast said rain.. today it says 62 w/ a chance of rain... so we still have a chance of it being a nice day!!
 We are so excited. Grammy and Grampy of flying up from TN and I know that Teagan is going to be so happy to see them.
 Well I guess that is it for this update as it sounds like my girl has just woken up from her nap!
Leslie Rempfer
10/17/2009 10:59

I am so proud of you as a Mom and super proud of Teagan as a beautiful little girl who has grown so much.

Kudos to you Amanda!!! HUGS!!!!


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