Last night the fire alarm went off every 10 minutes there was a short in the wiring NO FIRE just a nosiy alarm. Every adult in the house got no sleep and thankfully Teagan slept peacefully through the night oblivous to the blaring alarms. As much as I am so glad my girl got her sleep its those time when I really feel sad. Those alarms are meant to save a persons life and my daughter can't hear them. It gets me thinking about when she will leave the protection of my watchful eye and be on her own. I am sure they have so many products that work just as well as our noisy alarms but it just barely  takes the edge of my concern. 
 She woke up in such a happy mood this morning and reached for me with a huge grin on her face, gave me one of her slobbery kisses and big hugs and disolved all the grumpiness that comes along with a sleepless night. 
 Its funny when we're kids and we wait for Santa to come and were so excited for the pile of presents under the tree and when we grow up and become mothers we realize that NO gift could be any greater than our children love and the most important thing about Christmas is that huge smile you know you are going to wake up too!
12/24/2009 12:43

As a deaf adult, I too a concern about not hearing the fire alarm. And yes, there are so many gadgets that will alert me for many things. Have you ever thought about getting a special trained dog? That dog will alert Teagan for EVERYTHING. Sundance is not trained, but she's definitely my ears when she hears things outside that I can't...or even a very quiet doorbell, she'll bark at the door, so I would know what she's barking at. Sundance even alerted me last year when the stupid pipe in the bathroom had bursted open. I didn't realized at the time she was trying to tell me that something's wrong with the sink. I thought she wanted to wake me up so she could snuggle up with me under the covers. But now I know if she ever did something that was off the wall in the middle of the night, I'll wake up and check LOL. Anyway, dogs are such a great companion especially for people like Teagan and I. I know dogs are pricey and the vet bills can accumulate over the years, but it'll be worth it for Teagan. Think about it.



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