Teagan tried a carrots today for the first time. I think she likes them she ate the whole container in one sitting! She also tries so hard to be a big girl and feed herself... My baby is getting big so fast.

We also had a visit to the audiologist to get her new molds. It wasn't Melinda it was someone named Gail. WE MISSED MELINDA!!!! I don't know, it just really goes to show that some people you just click with, some you don't. Maybe I just have kind of a bad attitude because of that lady at CHOP. I don't know. Teagan as usual did great there, all smiles. When we were leaving the reception ask if she could hold her because she as so cute and she needed a "grand baby" fix..lol. She told me I should get Teagan in to childhood modeling. (I would NEVER do that) but i said "Yeah she can be the new Oticon model." Oticon is the maker of her hearing aids. They all started laughing.

Afterwords we went to pick up Lewis. Teagan was catching ZZZ's so I got a chance to clean my car while we were waiting for him... FINALLY!!! Then I went and got my new tattoo at Lucky Strike. Rob did a really good job I am very happy with it. Rob shows it to Teagan and she just started smiling away, Me thinks she approves!
 Oh Yeah so I came home and put Teagan down to bed and the stinkin' batteries in her soother are dying and it making the lullabies sound all broken and creepy so I must buy new batteries tomorrow or Teagan will have a fit at bed time!
 Speaking of bed time... I guess its time i wrap this up and get some sleep! 

07/15/2012 02:54

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