It is truly amazing how quickly the time goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, add in a 5 year and new pup and literally life is in hyper speed for over a month with no time to sit down and update. But it was worth every minute.
 On December 4th Teagan finally got her new hearing aids. A beautiful tri color Phonak Nadia complete with the new Rodger FM systerm.
This photo does not do this hearing aid any justice it's a beautiful piece of equipment and it fits her personality perfectly. The power of this thing absolutely blows my mind. Teagan is hearing things she has never heard before. It freaked her out a couple times when she heard a new sound she looked up at me and said, "mom, what is that?" and it brings tears to my eyes. Just this evening we were sitting in a crowded restaurant and with a hand over my mouth I did the "ling" sounds and she was able to hear them all by Sh and M. It's just amazing to me. 
  Unfortunately for Mom and Michael we must now be much more careful about what we say because she's picking up a whole lot more. I was whispering to Michael about a Christmas gift and Teagan perked right up and said "HeliClopter!! Who's getting a HelipClopter" We just looked at her dumbfounded. LOL
 We are so very grateful her audiologist was able to get her a new device!!

Our Sweet little Copper came to join us on November 25th 2013 and has been such a joy. We couldn't have dreamed of a better dog. He's so very smart!!! He's picked up commands so fast. When adopting they told us he would run after a ball but could not fetch, well he surprised us all in learning to play fetch in only 15 minutes.  He loves to please his people and is so very patient with Teagan who loves to hang on him with hugs. He definitely has it in him to be a service dog, however while we still plan on training I was overwhelmed with the bond Copper and I have. He has inadvertently become a therapy dog for me. My anxiety level has decreased so much since Copper has come into our home. When Copper masters all of his basic training (he is still learning to not pull on his leash and to stay off of counters) We will further his hearing dog training. With the Collie in him he does round Teagan up and he also keeps a very good watch over her. He doesn't like when she is out of his sight while they are out back playing or we are on walks together. 
 As amazing as Copper is he has had his puppy moments. We came in one day to a floor full of white fluff as he chewed up a couch pillow and Teagan's stuffed animals. This little boy loves to chew. The decision to get Copper was one of the best ones ever.
 The Rescue we got him from is even using his story to try and get a grant to help provide the funds for veterinarian care for other pups like him. I hope and pray they get it.

Christmas came in a flash this year and Teagan was greeted with all the magic and wonder that every 5 year old should. Though Santa didn't bring a whole lot she was over joyed with the gifts and the way the whole family was together.   
Opening a gift
Flying the Helicopter
Teagan, Gramme, Bella, Grampy and Teddy
Teagan, David, Stephanie, & Kiersten
Teagan, Mommy and my niece Bella
Teagan and Aunt Dee
It was a special day as the whole family gathered at my sister's house for dinner and gifts. I hope to instill in Teagan the real meaning of Christmas. It is most definitely the love and togetherness of family that makes the magic of Christmas happen every year!

 So 2014 is finally here. I'm not a big fan of resolutions because I can't stick with them for anything but there are things I am trying to do a little differently this year. Teagan and I have been leaning signs for 4.5 years now. We are learning and improving every day and while my little girl has no problems using signs with people I am often very shy to use basic signs. I have a few customers who are deaf and though I would not be able to have a conversation I could greet them and most likely take most of their order in sign. I however chicken out afraid I'll do something offensive. I am hoping to over come this fear. 
I also want to blog more. Really make the time to share what is happening in the crazy world of ours. That is why I started this blog so many years ago. Because when I found out Teagan was hard of hearing I searched the internet for blogs and photos of other children with hearing loss and I wanted to find out what other parents were going through. I started this blog so that maybe another parents could find that though there are difficult and scary times in raising a hard of hearing child its not so different that raising any other child. 
This year coming up is going to be a crazy one!!!  Teagan will start KINDERGARTEN in the Fall!!! WHAT THE HECK!! Where did the time go?!?! Just yesterday I attended the IU transition meeting. The thought of sitting in a room with a IU member and a 2 or 3 Child Psychologists and someone from her up coming school district was quite over whelming but the meeting went really well. It was pretty painless and short, I  only answering a few question (basically confirming what they already knew about her services she receives) and addressing a few of my concerns.  
 This is all new to me! I have just as much of a hard time dealing with changes as my five year old. from Birth to 3 we had members of her team come directly to the home, from 3 to 4 we had her hearing support teacher come to the house , speech we drove to Haycock for and Special Instruction went to daycare. When she entered preschool all of her team went to her school. It was really hard for me to adjust because I was always their for her therapies. I was able to continue to do what they did with her all week long because I could pay attention to how they were working with her.  I'm not sure all of what happens in the school age setting. However what I do know is that her entire team changes again. It was heart breaking to say goodbye to Ms Michelle and a joy to say Hello to Ms Kathy. Both hearing support teachers have made a amazing difference in both of our lives and we hold them both very dear to our hearts. One very comforting piece is that when Teagan enters Kindergarten she will be reunited with Ms Robin. Depending on how far you have been reading our blog Ms. Robin, Teagan and I go back a long time. When Teagan was 6 months old she was the very first hearing support we had. 
 So Welcome 2014!! I believe it is going to be a wonderful year full of new and interesting things!

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