I love posting about Teagan's life. Being able to relive every single one of Teagan's "moments" has been such a joy and has further cemented the details of those funny, serious and wonderful moments. This is a blog I plan to keep going well into Teagan's teenage life and hopefully beyond!
 I want Teagan to be able to come to this site when she is older  and see everything she has brought me as a mother. But I am running into a dilemma. I want to write more but not everything is appropriate for my daughters blog. So I have created another blog titled This blog is about what I am going through being a domestic abuse <strike> victim </strike> survivor. Unfortunately being a survivor and everything that goes with it is now a part of me. For a link to this blog please email me earsfortheangels@hotmail.com 
11/29/2011 13:34

n GREAT news. She is repeating so many words now. They are far from clear but we know what she is saying. My favorite of Course is. "I- Love- You- MAMA!!!

09/29/2012 01:53

Appreciate your information


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