Somedays knowing your little 1 year old wears $6,000 in her ears is a little scary. Yes we've had another hearing aid disaster. It all started yesterday. Its been so cold that going out has been impossible  and Teagan was starting to get cabin fever so I decided a trip to the malls indoor playground followed by a couple laps in her buggy would be a good idea. Once we got their and unbundled it was hearing aid time. I went to put her aids in her ear gears and I accidently snapped the aid. I was heartbroken. Sometimes those little things are just so fragile. I tried not to get to upset because these things happen and they are under warrenty. I called her audiologist and dropped her aid off to be repaired. 
 After going to CHOP I decided a mother/ daughter day would be great! So we went to Friendly's for some lunch. We met up with my sister and Teddy and had a great time....
Teddy Giving Teagan some Ice Cream
Teagan gets a Kiss
And another one!
We went to ToyrUs after and finally was able to find The Cushy Pink Tonka Truck!! We browsed a few more stores until the kids were all tuckered out. We went back to Danielles and we were having a great time until Precious decided to use Teagan's remaning hearing aid as a chew toy. She chewed up the whole ear mold. Thank GOD the hearing aid itself was not damaged.  I realize these things would happen but TWICE IN TWO DAYS!!! That is just so wrong. Just another one of those things that comes along with the territory I suppose. So now she probably won't have aids for over a month. Thankfully she is entirely ahead of the game so this should not set her back at all (according to her teacher) 
11/02/2010 02:01

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