HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!! I can't believe how fast 2009 went. A warning for new moms reading this blog. From the day your child is born you life will go into hyper speed and for the time being there is nothing that will slow it down! Do you best to cherish and archieve every moment.
Last year this time.... God she was so tiny... so new. As soon as 11:59 hit baby girl woke up. Not because she was hungry or wet. She didn't cry she just woke up looked me in the eyes as if to say "Hey Mom, I never want to miss a thing" And true to that night she has never missed a thing. 
 So much has happened in 2009. In Jan. Miss Teagan recieved her first pair of hearing aids. Hearing mommy's voice clearIy for the very first time. She took her first plane ride to TN, went to the zoo, the aquarium, the diary, and Cherokee National Park. Teagan had her first trip to the beach, her first visited to the pumpkin patch. Teagan used her first signs she, danced her first dance. We;ve seen Teagan's very first steps We celebrated Teagan's  first birthdayWe reconnected with family we haven't seen in years. We moved and then moved again. We went from 3 people living together to a family of 2. All the while Teagan has never lost her smile and warmth. 
 Someone asked me this year " why do you think God gave her to you knowing what was going to happen" My anwer, " God gave her to me because I am the only Mom for her. I gave her life but she was sent to save mine." And save my life she did. With out her I don't know if I would have found the courage to stop living in fear. But I know that she needs me and that I would be of no use to her in a body bag.  She is a miracle in every sense of the word. 
 I know 2010 is going to be a wonderful year! Amazing things are in store for us as we continue our journey. For everyone who has been there for us , encouraging us, words could never express how thankful I am. 2008 Blessedme with women from all over the country where all we had in common were our babies due month... 2009 Has blessed me with SISTERS and AUNT's for Teagan from all over the country.
Last Bath of 2009
Wow, Amazing, Wonderful. Words used to describe Teagan and my Christmas. Everything was just perfect! Santa was sooo good to our little one! Her reaction to her new Step 2 pink Buggy was priceless.
Teagan ate a huge breakfast of eggs, a half a bagel, strawberries and banans!! I swear my kid is an endless pit..LOL Then it was time to open MORE presents. Just to name a few she got The laugh N Learn Piggy Bank and Tea set, tons of clothes, tons of books, mega blocks, and a panio! Mommy was spoiled too. Dad and Mom got me a Opal and Diamond Necklace. I love it because its Teagan birthstone and when I am working I have a touchstone now to my daughter. They also got me a new diaper bag which I DESPRATELY needed!!! My dad God Bless him Got me a GPS so now I don't have to worry about detours when I got to Children's Hospital!! 
Gramme and Grampy loved the presents from Teagan. For Gramme a Willow Tree Generations figure
And  her gift to her Grampy was a mug that said Grampy!
When Teagan woke up from her nap we all good ready and went over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bills for a giant Christmas Feast. Everything was so tasty. Teagan ate turkery, mashed potatoes, brocoli and a roll. She tried sme of the home made cole slaw but didn't like it too much.. LOL
Finally Danielle, Ted and Teddy came and the family was all together! The very best gift of all!!!!!!
What an amazing day. Teagan was so fun. I know technically this is her 2nd Christmas but in my mind this is her first. Last year she was so sick and slept through the whole thing (not that she would have done any better if she wasn't sick she was only 8 weeks old!!!) LOL This year she was just to into it. Opening presents all on her own. Getting Excited, eating Christmas dinner.. it was all just so wonderful and ended too fast. I wish I could freeze yesterday for just a little longer!!
Merry Christmas Love, Teagan and her Mommy!
Later on I will add a Christmas Photo Gallery but for Now.. OFF TO WORK!! Teagan, Gramme, Grampy, Teddy and Aunt Dot are going to visit Cousin Bill, Lynn and the girls. I hope they get some pictures because Teagan just loves her cousins!!
Last night the fire alarm went off every 10 minutes there was a short in the wiring NO FIRE just a nosiy alarm. Every adult in the house got no sleep and thankfully Teagan slept peacefully through the night oblivous to the blaring alarms. As much as I am so glad my girl got her sleep its those time when I really feel sad. Those alarms are meant to save a persons life and my daughter can't hear them. It gets me thinking about when she will leave the protection of my watchful eye and be on her own. I am sure they have so many products that work just as well as our noisy alarms but it just barely  takes the edge of my concern. 
 She woke up in such a happy mood this morning and reached for me with a huge grin on her face, gave me one of her slobbery kisses and big hugs and disolved all the grumpiness that comes along with a sleepless night. 
 Its funny when we're kids and we wait for Santa to come and were so excited for the pile of presents under the tree and when we grow up and become mothers we realize that NO gift could be any greater than our children love and the most important thing about Christmas is that huge smile you know you are going to wake up too!
Teagan is going through this awesome stage where she just wants to hug and kiss mommy all day long. I LOVE IT! 
She's been having an awesome time with her Gramme and Grampy. Grampy certianly does have a soft spot for her. I love watching them together. Today she was running around with house with a pink blanket pulled around her like superman. We got a kick out of it. But the Mamarazzi seems to have missed placed the SD card so no pictures :(
 I can't believe it is Christmas eve! Tonight Teagan will go to her first Christmas mass. Last year she was too sick to go. I am wondering how she will handle the noises in a church. We'll see, if worse comes to worse we'll take her aids out and see how it goes. I am 99.9% sure she doing to LOVE the music. Today we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and she was bouncing around like a crazy woman.
 Its funny when I first found out she was hearing impaired I was a little sad thinking Teagan may not enjoy music... Boy was I mistaken!!! This kid is ALWAYS dancing. 
 She really loved it yesterday when Teddy was singing "jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the WAAAAAAAAAAY" over and over and over again!
 Music really is a huge part of her life. She has a little drum set that has bells and a tamborine and she is always playing her little instruments. Uncle Bill bought her a keyboard for when she is over her house and she loves to play that too. Her Great Grampy used to master every intrustment he picked up, maybe she'll take after him! :)
Today I took Teagan to go meet the big man... yup you know who I mean .... Santa Claus!
Boy was she cute. She was racing to see him and then half way there she just stopped looked at him with her crooked little grin and looked up at me with that cautious smile. "Its ok" I encouraged her with a big smile, "It's Santa" She sat on his lap with a huge grin on her face, just long enough to take a couple pictures then BAM the screaming began.. LOL her face turned red and she let out a scream and wiggled her way out of his arms. Then Santa showed her a coloring book and she was all smiles again. It was so cute!
Teagan and Santa
Santa and Teagan
She looked so cute today I was totally the Mamarazzi with my camera, snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. this one is my absolute favorite!
And I was finally able to get a couple of updated picture of us together! The middle one is soo funny to me!! Teagan is such a goof ball!
Below is a gallery of some of the picture I took!
A special thanks to our huge extended family of sisters. Teagan and I love you and are so grateful for all the encouragement and support.
Teagan has been doing great she started making a Buuhh sound! Its so cute. She also has been saying "oof oof" when she sees a doggie. I am so proud of how far she is coming with her speaking. She's trying to hard to talk!! Her teacher tells us she probably won't start talking until 2 1/2- 3 but I don't know I think with her determination she is going to start talking before that! If not thats ok too. :)
 I can't believe it is already December. I am so excited! I love the Christmas seasons it so cheery and exciting. Gramme and Grampy come home for TN and the whole family gets together. This year I am happy to say that Teagan will be meeting the Rempfer side of the family, we haven't seen them in many years so needless to say Mommy is excited too!!
 Yesterday we had out first snow! It was so pretty coming down in HUGE flakes. I wish I could have taken Teagan out but I had to work all day.. YUCK! so fingers crossed next for the next snow! :)
I'm taking the car mom!
Gotta Love that Smile!