Today I am personally thankful that I had such a wonderful supportive mother who taught me life lessons at a early age.
Today I am thankful that Teagan will grow up surrounded by only strong independent women!
3 Generations of Strong Women
Today I am thankful for my sister even though we may not see eye to eye all time she is still my bestfriend!
I am thankful to see my baby sleep peacefully after playing hard!
Miss Big Girl is just getting bigger yesterday she got her 8th tooth!... 8 pearly whites that she absolutely HATES to have brushed. I feel so bad but I always say sorry kiddo good habits start young! She fights me tooth and nail but eventully forgives me when the brushing is done and she can play with her little penguin tooth brush. LOL
 She also learned a new trick today... how to take to take off her shirt! imagine my surprise when I wake up to my kid shirtless. Good thing it was fairly warm last night. Momma learned her lesson though until spring its blanket sleepers for little miss! I might take that cue I saw adult size ones at Target that I am dying to have! Can anyone say matching PJ's! LOL
 Teagan and I had so much fun just running around the house together today. She was so naughty pulling apart her Aiddes. Thank goodness Tuesday we are picking up her new molds from the audiologist. Its been nearly 4 months since she had molds made its awesome but at the same time kinda sad.. I remember when we had to get them done every two weeks and her ears would have grown so much they had to redo them straight away. Aww memories!
 So I am doing something I stole from facebook and from now until Thanksgiving I will be posting one thing I am thankful for. I also will be posting one picture a day of Teagan and what I am thankful for about her. Today I am thankful for the amazing family Teagan and I. I don't know where we would be with out them. But I am grateful for all the love and support they have shown us!
Today I am thankful for Teagan's Smile
I am so happy to say that Miss Teagan has continues to not be effected by what is going on!! She loves staying with her Aunts while Mommy is working! Her favorite toys are Violet and Scout (thank you Aunt Danielle and Lynn!) She usually walks around carrying Scout in her mouth by his ear with Violet in her arms. She giggles everytime she hears Violet Singing "her" song. Its so cute. 
 She's eating EVERYTHING in the house! LOL all that walking and running has really made her hungry. We are now down to two 8 oz bottles a day and we just started whole milk. She loves banana  pancakes!
 Her new molds should be coming in real soon and I am sure am looking forward to that because these old ones suck and Teagan is getting frustrated with them because they are uncomfortable! 
 I find myself loving getting up in the morning seeing my daughters smiling face and watching her grow into this awesome little lady with such personalility!
Teagan and I have been through quite a bit this last week. So far Teagan has been a tropper. What has been going on thank God has not effected her in the least. She is still smiling and laughing and sleeping well. She started walking on Oct 21st and now she's just about running!!! Crazy little girl. Some really great news is that I was able to transfer EI and her other services the day after everything happened so Teagan will never miss a beat in her hearing impaired care! 
 The day of this whole mess was actually a pretty good day. (until we got home)  Gramme and Grampy took Teagan to the pumpkin patch. Teagan was  laughing so hard when Grampy  took her on  a wagon ride.  And she was so sweet when she tried to share her sugar cookie with Gramme and me. 
 It was nice they got to spend time with her before they had to go back to TN! We miss them.
Grampy and Gramme Rempfer
Grampy and Teagan
The Happiest Pumpkin in the Patch!
Aunt Danielle and  Teddy came by yesterday and Teagan has a such a great time playing with her cousin! The pictures are so funny and Teagan has a BAD case of BED HEAD! LOL
Teddy & Teagan
Curly Sue Bed Head!