With my family in TN and me being in a strange mood I had planned for Teagan and I have to have  a quailty mommy-daughter Thanksgiving Day. We started out by webcamming Gramme, Grampy and Aunt Dee. Teagan was so funny and she was trying to reach through the screen! Then we had a huge breakfast of homemade blueberry panakes and bacon. Teagan being the little piggy she is ate 3 whole pancakes, a banana and a half of slice of bacon! She eats so well! 
We watched the Macy's day parade and every time a song played she would start dancing... we danced together when Ziggy Marely sang his song. We also danced together to some of the Christmas music. It was so much fun.
My sister called and invited us up for some Thanksgiving day desert so after sharing some frozen turkey dinners with my uncle we got going.
 We stopped by our dear friends Brian and Pam's and were so warmly greeted by everyone! I certianly feel blessed to have an extended family as  warm as they are! Much love to the Kirks!!!!
Afterwards we went to Danielle's We had a wonderful time. Teagan was sooooo happy to see her cousin. She had a great time playing him.
 Danielle, Judy and I decided that we NEEDED to go Black Friday shopping so it looked like we were going to be spending the night. (good thing I always have a pair of pj's in the car!!) The kids were so cute in the bathtub together.
Putting Teagan to bed that night was awesome. Normally in her crib she goes right off but since she was in a different house (in a big girl bed) It took a little time. So I laid with her and sung her songs until she drifted off. I left and about 5 minutes later i went to peek on her and don't ya know I found her UNDER the bed rubbing her blanket on her face and cooing. I picked her back up and we laid down together again. She leaned up and gave me this HUGE slobbery kiss right on the nose. Of course I started laughing and then she started laughing. She did it again and again and the next time she did it i made a pig noise at her and she started laughing so hard!! Eventually she drifted off (for real this time) It was such a great time. I just LOVE this age those slobbery kisses and huge hugs... its so awesome!
 I am just so very thankful for my daughter. She is truly the light of my life. My living rainbow. I could NOT ask for a better daughter.
I am thankful for my amazing family who has truly taught me the meaning of uncondiontal love! I am thankful that I was able to reconnected with family that I have lost touch over the years.  I am thankful for my awesome, supportive, wonderful friends (on and offline). I am thankful for God for making all things possible!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This Morning I was so thankful to wake up to Teagan's beautiful smile. It chased away the clouds and brought rainbows.
Nearly a month has passed since Teagan and I got out and not one person on his side of the family has even asked about Teagan. It breaks my heart. I know I shouldn't care but I think about this beautiful little girl who hasn't done a thing wrong. 
 I know it is their loss and I know that since Teagan is too young to understand she won't be missing out but I just in my heart thought at least her Grandmother truly loved her.  Oh well i guess I was wrong... REALLY WRONG.
 Looking to the positive of things I can't believe the number of friends and family who have reached  out daily to see how my girl is doing and for that I am so truly grateful.
Teagan has not only touched my soul but it seems that everyone who has heard her story and seen her smile loves her and cares about her. I want to truly thank every one of you that has taken time out to be so encouraging.
11/23/09 I am thankful for my aunts
11/24/09 I am thankful for reconnecting with family.
Aunt Dee and Teagan
Aunt Mary and Teagan
11/21/09 - Today I am thankful for Teagan joyful screeches.
11/22/09 - Today I am thankful for Teagan's Grampy - My Daddy for showing us how a real man and father acts.
Grampy and Teagan (4 weeks old)
Teagan is sleeping over at her Aunts today cause Mommy has such a hectic work schedule this weekend. I can't wait for morning so I can scoop her up and give her millions of kisses. So i just got home and I am trying to unwind and figured I would post about all the new things Miss Teagan has done in her 12th month!
 I must say that my baby is no longer a baby she is now a full out toddler. 
 First off we ditched the bottle, Only Sippy cups w/ straws for Missy Teagan. I don't really understand why people say it is so hard to make kids give up the bottle. It took two days. She had a little trouble falling asleep the first night, the second a little fuss but by the third day she was 100% fine. Though I will say she doesn't sleep as long into the morning now which sucks a little but hey more time with my daughter, I am not complaining. 
 Secondly would you believe that little stinker is opening doors! Yup she's figured it out... which let me tell you has been challenging trying to keep up with her. She is so fast about it.  She also learned how to come down the stairs. Little Smarty pants. She is really good at it but I am still super nervous everytime!
I think potty training is coming in the very near future Teagan has learned to take all of her clothes off. She was so funny the first time she did it i woke up to find her shirtless in her crib. I was like hrmm did I forget to put a shirt on her but then in the middle of the day i watched her take it off all by herself. She is also helping me to put clothes on her.  I can't believe How fast thing is all going. I remember my biggest fear about having a little tiny newborn was dressing her. I was always afriad i was going to do something wrong and hurt her I was always oh so careful and now she's helping me... .sigh...lol way to fast. 
 She's being a big pain in the butt about her aids lately. LOL she keeps pulling them out and trying to break pull the molds from the tubes .I don't know what to do with her anymore. hehe. I hope this phase ends soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I guess that is about is she just has accomplished so much this month and like any mommy I just wanted to brag!  I can't believe on Sunday she will be 13 months old already!

11/19/09 I am thankful that God has us in the hollow of his palm.
11/20/09 I am thankful for the simple things in life... playing "tag" with my daughter, feeling the sun on my face, the wind blow throw my hair, watching my daughter bust up laughing when she sneezes!
3 months old on her way to church
Things have been crazy the past few days so I wasn't able to update yesterday
11/17/09 Today I am thankful for Teagan's spirit.
 11/18/09 Today I am thankful for giggles
Today I am thankful for my friends who have stuck by my side and have helped me to stay strong through everything.
I am thankful that Teagan has her amazing "aunts" and "uncles" who love her as if she was there own.
Aunt Jessie & Teagan
I am thankful that God chose me to be a mommy to such an amazing little girl.
I am thankful that Teagan loves to play in the leaves!