Teagan had a wonderful Fifth Birthday Party! Her friends and family made the party so special for her. She loved the pumpkin patch built in the back yard. Monday we'll be heading for her 5 year old well child check. Can't wait to see how much my baby has grown I swear she's grown at least 3 inches this year! 
The day before her birthday we got the audiogram and report back from Teagan's hearing test. Unfortunately Teagan did lose more hearing then we initially thought. Teagan is now coming in the moderate to profound ranges in her left ear. Below is a audiogram showing her most recent lose. *its a blank one that i filled out to show what she can and cannot hear.
 It's been a week of wonder and research and craziness as I try to wrap my head around my daughter going deaf.   I'm (not so patiently) waiting for Tuesday to meet with Melinda (Teagan's audiologist) to find out some much needed information on what comes next for Teagan. 
 In the mean time we've reached out and met some amazing new people, deaf and hard of hearing kids with CI's and their parents. Whether or not Teagan will continue to wear hearing aids, go completely deaf, get a CI, etc. etc. It's about time she starts have strong role models with hearing loss. And its about time that I start reaching out to other parents who have had to make difficult decisions for their children, and other parents who understand some of the feelings that I have about raising a HOH child.  
Teagan's Audiogram
We've noticed some changes in Teagan's speech and reaction to sounds she would normally hear. It's really hard to see her struggle to hear and say words that she previously has no problems with. She's been so frustrated. What is really fascinating is that she started using some of her signs again and asking for new signs. That makes me happy cause we love learning new signs in the house. :) 
  As scary as all this is and as weird as this might sound more and more I find joy in this journey. 
Testing a new app to blog from my phone. If this works you should be able to see a sweet picture of my little girl and our dog.
The IEP improvement we are pleased with the progress Teagan has been making since she started school.We set some new goals and we all are excited to see what this school year will bring for Teagan.
 I am anxiously awaiting the 29th to find out more about Teagan further hearing loss. We will be discussing new amplification options and while she is not a candidate for CI's yet we may be meeting with a CI team just to discuss option if she losses more. I am glad the CI's are off the table for the moment. its something that I've been struggling to wrap my head around. 
  This weekend will be Teagan's 5th birthday party!!! We're really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family and it looks like her Gramme and Grampy from TN will be able to join us this year!!  
I can't believe its been nearly three years since writing in this blog. What a difference 3 years can make. Things have started settling down in our little world. Teagan continues to make huge progress!She's having full on conversations, writing her ABC's spelling her name and MOMMY. She's learned her address and phone number. started some basic math skills, learned to ride a two wheel bike, learned to hit a baseball (and she pretty darn good at it too). She also  wears her hearing aid pretty much all waking hours. If you've followed our blog early on your know she was always breaking and refusing to wear them! She learned how to blow out her own birthday candles too (See last post to understand the accomplishment lol) She loves writing and books playing baseball, swimming (she's a little fish like her mama) , and the kid still LOVES music and dancing!! 
 We moved in with my boyfriend, Michael, about a year ago. He has two daughter in college and Teagan just adores them. We also have 2 dogs, Wilbur a HUGE bloodhound who we had to put down a few months ago, whom Teagan just adored and is still talking about every day. And Sox our crazy phantom poodle whom Teagan has a love/hate relationship with. LOL. It was a little bit of a transition with all new house rules and sharing her mommy with other people but Teagan adores having a house with a back yard, a  family , and mostly having a dad figure in her life. 
 Teagan has learned a kid size bit about where her biological dad is and why he is there. She kept asking and asking about where her dad is and though it broke my heart to have to tell her she doesn't seem nearly as frustrated about things like she did before she knew the truth. 
 We've visited a lot of new places she had her first taste of crabs in Ocean City Maryland, her first 12 car ride to TN to visit Gramme and Grampy, then she had her first trip to Disney with Gramme and Grampy. 
She started school on Sept. 16 2013. Talk about an emotional wreck!! Not her, ME! It was so difficult to put her on the bus. Her teachers are great but very firm. I thought I was pretty firm person until I met her Teacher. I struggled with out first meeting because while we were talking Teagan was trying to show me something and flat out she says, "Teagan your mom and I are talking you are going to have to go play with Ms. Michele" WHAT? HUH? I think it startled both Teagan and myself. Then it looked like it was going to be a nightmare to explain why Teagan needed her FM system but luckily her hearing support teacher Ms Michele was there to kindly yet firmly explain the importance of Teagan having her FM. 
 The first week was an absolute nightmare. While she was enjoying school she as struggling to adjust to a new routine. She was regressing at home. Not eating, going through crying fits and she even started miss spelling her name. The protective mom was about to yank her right out of preschool! lol I'm glad I didn't because she adjusted to her new routine in about a week and is doing so well!!!
 Teagan just went in for a hearing test on Sept. 30th and it looks like she has lost more hearing in her left hear. She will be getting a new, more powerful hearing aid, The Phonak Nadia , which is a really good hearing aid from what I am reading. She choose a pretty purple one this time. a year ago she also started choosing her own colors for her ear mold. I'm glad that I did the clears until she was old enough to choose her own because her face just lit up and she was so excited when she was able to make those choices on her own. Her first choice was clear with purple and pink. She got mad one day and chewed it up. So i made her get a basic clear with some pink sparkles as a punishment. 
This year she got to chose again and in a couple of weeks her white, blue and pink with purple sparkles mold should be arriving! Its gonna look great with her new addie. 
 Teagan will be going back for another hearing test on October 29th, I think mostly to confirm the information from this test. 
 So there you have the BIG update. I've really missed writing about Teagan's life. I read back from the beginning and laughed and cried and relived moments of Teagan's life. I wish I never would have stopped but as all parents well know Life Happens and Life with a active toddler is hectic. But now sadly, excitedly, and  proudly I am a mom to a Preschooler and while life is just as hectic if not more I know the importance of never missing a moment, of making time to document the events of your child life, it goes by incredibly fast and years from now I want to go back and relieve all these moments, I want Teagan to be able to read this and now just how amazing she is and always has been.  Signing out for now- Amanda 
After nearly 3 years and tons of life changes we are back!!!! Check back soon for the big update!