Teagan had a great first birthday party today!! Unfortunately Miss Teagan had a fever this morning from her shots yesterday and cut a tooth today so she wasn't in the best mood but still did really well! It was nice that so many people came out to help us celebrate! She was so beat when we got home but I put her in the tub and ya know how my little "lady" thanked me for her party.... she pooped in the tub!!! What a stinker... LOL... Thats my Teagan!!!
The following are links to a video I made to honor Teagan's First Year! I had to break them up because it is quite long. I am proud of how it turned out and I surely will be playing this in front of all her friends at her 16th Birthday!! I'm such a evil mom! Teehee!! The truth is I'll be watching it on the eve of her 16th birthday Bawling my eyes out! LOL!!
Teagan's One!!!
As unbelievable as it seems a whole year has gone by since my little one came into this world. I am still trying to process the thought!! She made her appearance  quietly.. she barely cried as she left the warmth of my womb.. Little did I know she was just setting the pace.. She's been a laid back kid from day one!
 I think I am going to have to blog later on because as i sit her writing i just can't seem to fully grasp how I am feeling. Its been so go go go with all the appointments and planning her first  i think its going to really hit me on Monday when all the excitement is over!!
We are closing in fast on Teagan's First Birthday. Only 5 days away. I am just in awe... I can' believe that I am going to have a one year old. Everyday she's changing, her personality just gets better. I was truly blessed with an amazing child. She NEVER lets her hearing loss hold her back from anything.She never ceases to impress me when. When I hear her EI Team saying she is right on target just like any hearing child it makes me so proud. Sure we still get stares but most people are very accepting and just want to know about them.   I was told the other day "don't worry just grow her hair out and no one will see her aids" I don't know why but that bothered me very much. I am not ashamed of her aids and I raise her not be ashamed of them. I want her to be proud of them, they are a part of her, just as important as her hands or any other limb. I can't wait unil she gets a little older and she can pick out her own molds. So far I've always had them clear. I figure when she gets old enough she'll appreciate making those choices for herself. We did however get some awesome removable stickers for halloween. We got her an adorable pair of skull and cross bone PJ's and the aid stickers have skull and cross bones too! I am trying so hard to find ladybug stickers for for her birthday but so far I can only find the paper sticker kind and they won't come off very easily.
 So with Teagan's 1st Birthday coming up whoa do we have a busy week. Robin (Teagan's teacher) is coming on Tuesday. On Wednesday we have a hearing aid check at CHOP, thank GOD we only have to go to the Calfont Office totally don't feel like driving to the city. By now Teagan should be old enough to have the booth test done properly so we should have a better idea of just how much Teagan is hearing! I am excited. The last booth test still put her at a moderate loss. I am excited to see what we will we find this time around. Thursday is the BIG day!!! At 5:31pm my litle one will be offically 1 year old. We will have a special family dinner and open a couple of presents. Friday we have her 1 year old check up and probably shots.. ew..and then Saturday is her Ladybug Birthday party!!!!!  Please pray we have nice weather because so far its no looking so good. Yesterday the forcast said rain.. today it says 62 w/ a chance of rain... so we still have a chance of it being a nice day!!
 We are so excited. Grammy and Grampy of flying up from TN and I know that Teagan is going to be so happy to see them.
 Well I guess that is it for this update as it sounds like my girl has just woken up from her nap!
Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. Today I will be remembering Teagan's twin who I  lost at 5 weeks pregnant and my sister Victoria Ann who came into this world fighting and went home to God shortly after.
 Teagan's twin truly is her guardian angel because if God did not call her home so soon I may not have found out I was pregnant until very late in my pregnancy. With the damaged placenta, gestational diabetes and raising blood pressure towards the end good prenatal care was vital.
 My dear Angel Baby,
 I am sorry I don't talk about you much but please know I do think about you all the time. Thank you for giving me the gift of your sister Teagan! I know I will see you again someday!
 I love you,
 My mom lost Victoria Ann after a wonderful pregnancy to Meckel Grueber Syndrome.My mom was then told she was going to lose me too  and that it would be less painful for her to just abort me early in her pregnancy. She went through so much and  against all odds she chose to give birth to me anyway.
My mom was the first Angel mom I knew and just like Summer, Tammy, Jacey (to name a few) their strong will and determination makes them my hero.
 Please visit http://evelynrosefoundation/MemorialWall.html and say a pray for all the mothers and families of Angel Babies today!
We have 6 teeth now!!  I am going to be making her first appointment with the dentist soon just to check everything out because it looks like she has a tooth growing in on the roof of her mouth.
Her teacher was sick yesterday so no school for her this week. Her teacher told us a few weeks ago that it wasn't too early to start teaching her about her body so we started Singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. It is currently her favorite song. She is so cute. she starts giggling everytime she hears it start. She seems to be getting idea of where the nose and ears are too!
 We have just over a week left until my little baby turns one!! I'm excited but sad at the same time!!
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