So I'm a bit late in posting. Things have been crazy I Finally got a job and I LOVE IT being a full time Mom and Full time worker is awesome!! I work part time out of the house. Working nights and while Teagan is napping I've been doing some online work  Teagan got her hearing aids back on the 21st and is doing GREAT. Most of time she is not touching them. and a HUGE milestone happened today. Teagan said DADA!!! Yaay!!!That puts her up to 5 words: Mama, Dada, baba, yeah and no. She also started signing Milk!!
 She started seeing her teacher on October 22nd! Home school at 11 months old! She will see her teacher, Robin every Tuesday during the school year.  Robin has her in the 10-12 range for communication. Right on point. I am so proud of my little girl and I'll admit it as coincided as it sounds I am proud of her daddy and I for putting in the time and work to keep her right where she's suppose to be. However Robin still doesn't expect her to speak until 2 and half- 3 years old.  She said that, that is the age when  most hearing impaired kid's brains just kinda of make all the connections to form sentences. Its a little upsetting but the positive is more time before she can start talking back!! HA!! Robin also expects Teagan to speak pretty normally. That is great news!
 Teagan is now taking 4-5 steps at a time but only when she feels like. She did it the other day but stumble and fell smashing her face on the coffee table. Poor kid has a nasty bruise on her face :( But I suppose that's all a part of learning.
 I can't believe my itty bitty baby is almost one. She is still charming the pants of everybody with her awesome smile. She's such a gift.
Well the hearing aid breaker is back with a vengeance. She broke her hearing aids again this time she snapped it in half... Bleh. I couldn't believe it. I swear her audiologist has to be thinking I am doing it purpose. LOL.
 Teagan hasn't really taken anymore un assisted  steps since August but she is all over the place and getting FAST! She loves to be in motion. Her daddy took her on a trampoline the other day and I swear I never heard her laugh so hard.
 I finally got a job!! I'll still be full time mommy beacuse I still don't trust that any daycare will be consistent with making sure her hearing aids will be in. So I'll be working nights after her dad gets home.
 Today Teagan was suppose to have her first visit Fall visit with her teacher for the deaf but the teacher came down with what may be the swine flu :( I wish her a very speedy recovery!
 Last but not least in my quest to make people aware of infant hearing loss here is the article I wrote for