Teagan is taking a nap so I figured it would be a great time to update. We are still waiting to get Teagan's right hearing aid back. She must have REALLY messed it up because it was sent out to be repaired 2 weeks ago!!
 It looks like she is started to work on her 4th tooth!! What the heck I miss my  little gummy grins but I can't lie these little teeth are adorable.. hurts like heck when she bites though..lol
I'm going to People Picture today to turn in a application. Wish me Luck that would be a dream j


Disclaimer: It's nearly 4am and I can't sleep please excuse any typos!

So this morning, technically yesterday morning, Teagan woke me up as usual standing in her crib giggling and saying "Maw,Maw,MAAA, AHHHHHHH, Ma ma"  I roll over and say ' Yes Miss Teagan Bug Mommy is awake" I went over to her crib and find her face crusted over in drool and snot...(EWWYUCK) and as I'm cleaning her up I see it... The Top Tooth, the one that has been turning my little angel into a fussy devil, finally broke through!!! YAAAYYY TEAGAN!!! Needless to say Miss Bug was back to her normal happy self today and to celebrate we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast!! Teagan sure does love her blueberries she was shoving them in her mouth so fast i was afraid she was gonna choke. But she did look adorable. What a dork Mommy was forgetting to charge the batteries for the camera when Teagan's entire face  was covered in blueberries!


Ok Ok I've been lazy about updating lately! We has a few major things happen in the last few weeks.
About 2 weeks ago Teagan had a booth test and it is matching up with her ABR perfectly! This is a very good thing. Basically it means that her hearing loss is no worse than originally thought. So that is GREAT news!
On Monday July 13th. We did the hardest thing yet and Teagan got her MRI. She wasn't allowed to eat after 4am and her test wasn't until 11!!! Seeing my little baby under sedation was by far the worst thing I have ever seen. They had to give her a little extra medicine because of course being Teagan she had to be a little nosy busy body and fight sleep..lol. But she came out like a champ and guzzled 12oz in record time!!
After the MRI we had to head to another part of CHOP for her genetic testing. This was fairly easy. She LOVED the doctor. He had to measure EVERYTHING: head, nose, ears, chest, belly, legs, feet. She took it like a trooper and the doctor said she is a picture of health and beautiful. He said even he is curious as to what the genetic test will show.
After meeting with the doctor we had to go to the lab to get her blood drawn. I will admit it brough tears to my eyes. They missed the vein on her right arm and kept digging around with no luck. Teagan was really crying and they finally gave up and went to the left arm. My poor little Bug. I felt so bad i couldn't wait until they were finished so i could give her a nice long cuddle. They took 7 viles of blood. I opted for another vile that would be used in a study. It could shed some light on and possibly help future kids with hearing loss. So we were all about it.
 Finally i could hold my little babes and with in minutes she was fast asleep and slept all the whole way home. I am so proud of my little one.
 We should be getting the MRI results in 3-4 days and the Genetic Test results in 10-13 weeks.
 I just got a call from her pediatrician that we need to come in and get another kidney analysis done but to be honest i am not to worried about that because they checked her kidneys so much via ultrasound while i was pregnant. ( Quick Fact: The ears and kidneys form at the same time)
 Teagan had her first visit from her Teacher for the Deaf, Robin, on Tuesday. She was very informative. as it looks right now Teagan will be going through the regular school system. Robin will be helping Teagan's future teachers with how to adjust to having a hearing impaired child in their classroom.  Teagan seems to have really taken to her and that makes me feel really confident because she will be a key player in Teagan's life until she turns 5!
 That is about it for now. Teagan is doing great... although she's driving Mama a little crazy due to cutting her top teeth...lol. I'm gonna start updating a lot more now so come back soon!!! :)