This rain/gray dreariness is getting old already... come on God deliver some sun!!!
 Despite the crappy weather last night before I went to bed I said a prayer to have a sunny attitude despite the very UN-sunny weather. I guess God answered my prayers because Teagan and I had a wonderful day today!!
 We both woke up in good moods. Teagan wasn't as clingy as she was yesterday and didn't cry at all during the day she was being such a good baby. Danielle and Teddy came over today and we went to Wal-mart just to get out of the house. Teddy and Teagan were playing so nicely together I wish i would have had my camera on me. Especially when they were playing with her vtech guitar it was just adorable. I LOVE my daughter and nephew so much they are the best kids EVER!
 Teagan's cold seems to get worse at night and I felt so bad for her because when i put her down to bed she started SCREAMING!! and then coughing.. my poor little baby. I took her out of the crib and read her the book "Little Luv Angel" while i rocked her to sleep. I really hope this cold goes away for her soon....
 I am including a couple of pictures from last night that i forgot to post. I was feeding her some Squash about a half hour before bedtime and she was so getting so sleepy she let out a little sneeze and then rubbed her little fist all over her face ... this is the outcome... it was funny. My favorite is the yawn one! Ne


 Teagan had a hearing aid check with her Melinda, her audiologist, today. Melinda did a test called a tympanagram. The following definition is from " In this test, a small probe is placed in the ear and the air pressure in the ear canal is varied. This test tells the audiologist how well the  eardrumand other structures in the middle ear are working. The ear canal volume indicates whether a perforation in the eardrum (tympanic membrane) may be present. The middle ear pressure indicates whether any fluid is present in the middle ear space (also called "glue ear" or "otitis media with effusion"). Compliance measurement indicates how well the eardrum and  ossicles  (the three ear bones) are moving."
 Unfortunately at this point and time Teagan's eardrums are not moving very well. This is NOT a good thing, however the upside is that it could just be from some congestion due to a little cold she is fighting off. Melinda will retest her again when we get back from Tennessee.
Although they usually start  testing the kids in the booth from 6-8 months Melinda decided to see if Teagan was ready now... she wasn't. It was pretty cool though, the baby sits or stands on your lap and the audiologist is behind a window and talks or plays tones for the baby. If the baby turns her head to the sound they get "rewarded" by a toy lighting up in the direction the sound is coming from. Though Teagan wasn't really ready it was still neat when Melinda said "Hi Teagan, Teagan peek-a-boo" and Teagan HEARD IT!! she looked up and the little toy started dancing it was neat. We will be going back on May 20th and try again.  Now that Teagan and I will be moving back and in a permanent place we can finally start Early Intervention. A teacher of the deaf  will come and work with Teagan and while she is still so young will work with us to give us more activities to do with her to help her even more.
  I am praying and asking that whoever is reading this says a prayer for Teagan and that the results of the tympanagram were strictly due to congestion and that she is not losing more hearing.
 In other news this dark and dreary weather is taking a toll on Teagan and I. We were both grumpy guses the past few days and CAN NOT WAIT until the sunshine and warm weather makes its appearance again! Come on SPRING WE NEED YOU!!
 Only 6 more days until we leave for TN.. We are SOOO excited but a little nervous. Today I found out that not only are we going to the aquarium but too the zoo as well.. How awesome! Teagan is going to love see all the fish! When we visit my neighbors place she just stares at his fish tank I can't imagine how she'll be with all the fish around her ... so cute!
 I worked on a few more photo's today!!!


It has been a busy few days. Lewis and I have been working very hard to get the apartment together so Teagan and I can move back home in the beginning of May. So far we have the kitchen, living room, bathroom and living room closet completely spotless. We will be borrowing a steam cleaner and getting the floors completely clean of allergens. Our neighbors also lent us his top of the line air purifier. A plumber came in and fixed the bathroom sink along and put all new plumbing in the kitchen. Another man came into a fixed the windows. He also ordered our us a new front door that will be coming in shortly. Our next plan is to completely revamp the bedroom and turn it into Teagan's nursery. Lewis and my brother in law will be painting the apartment while Teagan and I are in TN. So it's coming along!
 Teagan took some really good naps today and left me some time to work on some new photo's here they are:


Teagan celebrated her very first Easter today and boy was the Easter Bunny good to her!
 We had a very nice morning opening Easter present she got books, and clothes and toys!!! Then we went to Aunt Mary's and Teagan had do much fun playing with her cousin: Nicole, Lindsey and Payton! Linds. was just full of pep at the dinner table and cracking us all up when she gave us all nick names. Teagan was Sleepy Head, I was Flower and Lewis was Lew Lew! We had to leave shortly after our delicous dinner of grilled pork, veggies, homemade coleslaw and of course the most delcious of them all Aunt Mary's pineapple bread!! Teagan is in for a treat next year when she can have some.
 We then went to Grandmom and Grand dad's house. Teagan did really well and opened up yet another easter basket filled with her favorites Gerber Carrots and Squash and also an adorable chick wrist rattle. She has a lot of fun with her grandparents. Grand dad wasn't feeling so hot so we didn't stay to long but we will see them again soon!
 Then we made our last stop of the night to Aunt Dee and Uncle Teds! Teagan and Teddy were playing and looking so cute together as usual. They made an adorable little easter basket for her and we just loved the bunny ears!

Teagan was such a sleepy girl she fell asleep as soon as we got to the car. I think she might be coming down with a little cold and on top of the teething I feel so bad for the little Miss! Lots of TLC and R&R because less than two weeks less until we go to TN!!! Yaay! We are so excited.


Yesterday SUCKED again it was raining and gross out. So depressing. But today was beautiful! Teagan, Aunt Dot and I walked down 2nd Street Pike to the Superfresh just for the fresh air! Danielle and Teddy met us there and while Aunt Dot drove Teddy home Danielle and I took the long way home. It was nice just the 3 girls!
 I am sitting for Teddy over night and he is just a sweetheart but I know I don't want another child for a long time! He pulled Teagan's hearing aids out like 3 times.. (THANK GOD FOR EARGEAR, they never went too far!) But he did listen very well after I told him NO for the 3rd =)
 Trying to 2 kids ready for bath and bed at the same time was NOT the easiest thing in the world heh. But I did manage. Teddy was so cute in the bath tub w/ Teagan. He even helped wash her  hair!
 After I put Miss Teagan to bed Teddy wanted to go back into the bath tub. He was too cute I got a couple of adorable videos he is just a doll.
 I felt like a REALLY bad person/mother/aunt today... While Teddy was in the bath room the fire alarm siren across the street went off  and Teddy starts going wooo0ooooohhhwooo  I got jealous. He was so adorable mimicking the sounds he hears and it wasn't just the words it was the way he reacted to just hearing the sounds... Oh well.. It was just a passing jealousy.
 She is in her crib now sleeping so soundly and looking so cute laying on her side like a little grown up.. She truly is the love of my life and I can't imag


Danielle and I took the kids to Franconia  park yesterday it was so much fun. Such a beautiful  day. Here are the pictures...