So I had a stupid dentist appointment today. It sucks if anything it just made things hurt worse than before... ick... Anyway Teagan got to hang out with her Aunt Dee and cousin Teddy today! She had a great time! We all ended up hanging out for a few hours. it was awesome. Pictures from Today:


Another yucky day today. The rain is so annoying. I thought it was "in like a lion, out like a lamb" LIE!..haha. Hopefully the beautiful spring will come soon. I can't wait to be able to take Teagan out on a regular basis. She seems so happy when she is outside.
 It was a pretty uneventful day. Teagan is awesome. I wasn't feeling to well today and she was such a good girl. Took long naps and wasn't too fussy. I am a lucky mom.
  Aunt Mary emailed a picture today that I just have to share. The picture is My mom (baby) Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary probably taken in late 1953 or early '54:

I think Teagan looks just like my mom. So cute!  I also got this picture today... These two very special people I believe are with Teagan every second of her life... I believe they kept her safe during my pregnancy and her coming into this world. When I see her staring off into space smiling I know these people are who she is seeing. She shares her middle name and his birthday... with out further adue... My grandparents, Teagan's Grand grandparents:


Gramme and Grampy went back to TN this morning. :( Teagan and I are very sad but we have comfort in knowing in less than a month we will be flying to TN and spending 9 days with them! Yaay!
 Yesterday before Aunt Mary's retirement party Teagan opened her Easter gift from Gramme and Grampy

Teagan's gums were really sore at Aunt Mary's but Gramme was great and soothed her very well. The rest of the kids were having a lot of fun together. Teddy, as usual, was being quite the ladies man! He was so funny...

Today was a yucky day outside over cast  but at least it wasn't too cold. We went over to see daddy and got Teagan's pictures done at the Picture Me center. I was very good and only spent $8... She looked so cute and did such a great job. After we to daddy's house and had a really fun time...

The little Miss is getting to be such a little stinker when it comes to her hearing aids. On the way home I thought she had fallen asleep well nope, she, just like every other kid when they are doing something they are not suppose to  just get quiet. When I went to get her out of the car I found her gnawing away at her hearing aid. I can't wait for the Ear Gear to come in!!!!!


So this is not much of a update. Mommy is too tired and weirded out by a phone called received tonight. Teagan did great for audiologist, Melinda, this morning. She had to get her new molds fitted. she cried a little today but i think she was just tired and of course the poor things is teething too.
 Anyway sorry so short but I am going to bed. for your viewing pleasure a selective color that Olivia's Mom, Amanda, made:


*** I already did this post once and accidentally hit a button and lost everything!! so I am just quickly trying to get it done again if it seems unorganized i apologize but Mommy is T-I-R-E-D!!!***


 Gramme and Grampy FINALLY arrived! After loads and hugs and kisses Gramme was on the floor playing and rolling around with Teagan. Teagan just loved it, she had so much fun. Grampy was thrilled to see his granddaughter. I love seeing these pictures and comparing it to when I was a baby playing with them!

A little awhile later we celebrated Uncle Ted and Grampy's birthday! It was awesome. Teagan loved spending time with her family. Daddy, Teddy and her were being so silly putting all the bows in each others hair.

Teagan and Teddy are the cutest cousin ever! They just love playing with each other and now Teddy can say her name just perfectly.

Teagan just loves her uncle Ted and they has sooo much fun together...


Today was another great day. Gramme and Grampy had a great time watching Teagan and said she was an angel. That's the kind of report mommy wants to hear!
 Teagan's been kind of weird about drinking from her bottle lately she is just not interested. I was starting to get really nervous but Aunt Dee let us try a different bottle and now she is eating like a champ again. Gotta love the quirkiness in babies.
 We had a great time playing outside at Aunt Dee and Uncle Ted's house. As soon as Teddy saw Teagan in her car seat he peaked his head in and gave her kisses and loves. Then we took Teagan on the swing and Teddy really wanted to go on but was waiting very patiently. So we decided that all three of us would sit on the bench swing. As we were swinging Teddy and I were singing..." we love to swing together, together, we love to swing together.. foo ev er!!" Teagan thought this was so funny and was smiling away.
 We started to get hungry so my parents took us all out to Lisa's Pizza for lunch... Our Favorite family pizza joint. The babies were so well behaved.  It was a wonderful after noon!
  Later that night we went over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill's for dinner. Gramme and Aunt Mary were dancing and singing to Teagan.. Teagan was eating it up and moving to the
 Gramme got Teagan the best thing in the world!! A pair of lipstick pink corded ear gear!!! No more frantic searching when her hearing aids come out... and even better she won't be able to get them near her mouth anymore! Watching to make sure she doesn't put them in her mouth is full time


They prepare you for a lot when you are pregnant and about to bring home a new born but what they don't prepare you for is just how fast those newborn days would end! 5 months old already... where did the time go?!

Inspire the Senses
 I taste with my mouth, I smell with my nose
I touch with my fingers, and sometimes my toes!
I hear with my ears, I see with my eyes

Every new day brings a surprise
My senses are inspired all the time when I play
My world grows big ( so will I) every day!

I read this today on a pack of teethers... yes it looks like little Miss Teagan is starting on her fun journey of getting  her tiny pearly whites. She's drooling she's drooling like crazy, seems to feel warm a lot, always has her fingers in her mouth and chomping like crazy on whatever she can get her mouth on. So I think we are close!!
 Gramme and Grampy are a half hour from being home!! We probably won't see them tonight. But tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!!


Teagan had a lot of fun today in her Rain forest jumperoo!

Grandma and Granddad came down for a visit today. Teagan had a good time and loved all of the attention. She even showed them how far she can get by just rolling over and over. lol. Granddad gave her her pony ride on his knee and Teagan really enjoyed that

She cracked us up when she pulled her headband over her face. I guess she was telling us she didn't want to have it on anymore. Really the girl is just smart. She tries to out smart mommy by finding new ways to pull her hearing aids out. But mommy always catches on and put them right back in. Usually by the third time (IN A ROW!!) she  gets the point ... until a few hours later.. Kids, gotta love 'em.. hehe .
 Well our count down to seeing Gramme and Grampy is down to mere hours now!!!! We are very excited. When I put the phone to Teagan's ear and she heard her Gramme talking she got the biggest grin on her face...
  And now for the last picture of the night. I made a college of a few of the professional pictures we got of Teagan and a couple of Teddy and JT and wanted to share it:


I woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground.. SNOW!!!! Are you kidding me. Ugh what a let down after all that beautiful weather but the good part was a lot fun inside time with Teagan.
 We read books together:

We played with toys:

A little later Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill came over. Teagan loves her Aunt and Uncle so much!


Teagan tried a carrots today for the first time. I think she likes them she ate the whole container in one sitting! She also tries so hard to be a big girl and feed herself... My baby is getting big so fast.

We also had a visit to the audiologist to get her new molds. It wasn't Melinda it was someone named Gail. WE MISSED MELINDA!!!! I don't know, it just really goes to show that some people you just click with, some you don't. Maybe I just have kind of a bad attitude because of that lady at CHOP. I don't know. Teagan as usual did great there, all smiles. When we were leaving the reception ask if she could hold her because she as so cute and she needed a "grand baby" She told me I should get Teagan in to childhood modeling. (I would NEVER do that) but i said "Yeah she can be the new Oticon model." Oticon is the maker of her hearing aids. They all started laughing.

Afterwords we went to pick up Lewis. Teagan was catching ZZZ's so I got a chance to clean my car while we were waiting for him... FINALLY!!! Then I went and got my new tattoo at Lucky Strike. Rob did a really good job I am very happy with it. Rob shows it to Teagan and she just started smiling away, Me thinks she approves!
 Oh Yeah so I came home and put Teagan down to bed and the stinkin' batteries in her soother are dying and it making the lullabies sound all broken and creepy so I must buy new batteries tomorrow or Teagan will have a fit at bed time!
 Speaking of bed time... I guess its time i wrap this up and get some sleep! 


Today was beautiful. It  was 65* all sun with a bright blue sky not a cloud to be found. Teagan and I enjoyed the day on our small front lawn! At one point I swear she was talking to the angels. She was just looking up into the sky and smiling and cooing. It was awesome!

We also did some "nakey" time today and Teagan was living it up! hehe. She looked so cute.

Grandma Gigi came over today and it was nice that she got to spend some time with Teagan. Teagan was a little tired so she was a bit fussy but still had a great time with her Grandma. Saturday hopefully she will be coming again and her Grand dad might be here as well! I know he will be excited to see her and how much she has really changed. The next day Gramme and Grampy are driving in from TN. I know they can't wait to see her and Mr Teddy Bear! It's going to be an awesome week!