I can only borrow the words of  Reinhold Niebuhr

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

 Teagan had her booth test today. They even brought in a second audiologist to help keep Teagan focused by playing w/ toys and playing peek-a-boo. They tried to use the bone oscillator but Teagan just wasn't having it.
 From the results it looks like the hearing in Teagan's ear is getting progressively worse  in the right ear.  The only way to confirm (or deny) this is by doing a sedated ABR at the hospital. The date is set for Monday. I am nervous about having her being under sedition but I know #1 it is necessary for us to find out now rather than later and #2  she is in the best hands in the country. Some really good news is my dad is going with us. I know Teagan is gonna feel much more comfortable waking up in mommy's arms with Grampy by her side.
 Getting the news that her hearing may be getting progressively worse surprisingly wasn't nearly as big of a blow as I thought it would be. I still feel a little sad but I guess that since hearing loss is not such a big mystery I can deal with it if Teagan does go deaf in one ear (or both for that matter).
 Thankfully I will be getting the results immediately after the ABR. So I only have to sit and wonder for 4 days...
Please say a prayer that Ms. Tiny gets through the sedation with no complications.
Teagan's teacher came today! And according to her Teagan is coming in at the 16-18 month for her receptive, expressive and listening skills. This is wonderful news and is showing that she is not falling behind in the least. She is excelling in most things and we have a tiny bit of work today in the sound department. She will imitate the sounds AHHH, MMMM, DUHH, EEEE but we need some work with the OOHHH sound. Teagan is currently consistently saying "Nig-Nig" (night night) "bye-bye" , "MaMa" & "En-row" (Hello). She signs: Milk, All done, eat, thank you and Mom. 
She knows where her eyes,ears,mouth, nose, head, belly and belly button are. She is starting to identify things and make simple choices. For example I'll hold up a puzzle piece of a dog in one hand and cat in the other. I'll say Teagan where is the dog. She'll either point or use her eyes to identify the dog. Then I'll say Teagan put the dog in the bin. And she'll take the dog puzzle piece from me and put it in the bin!
I am so impressed with the Little one. She is doing just great. Tomorrow we will go to see her audiologist for a booth test. Fingers crossed we get some better results so that we don't have to have her sedated!!!
Due to the immaturity of someone who is supposedly Teagan's "family" this site will no longer have updated pictures of Teagan.
Teagan and I survived her very first blizzard!! I can't believe how crazy the snow was her... Teagan's Aunt Gabz said it best... Snowmageddon! It looked like the snow was never ever gonna stop!!! It was a beautiful thing to wake up too this morning with the sun glittering off the perfectly white snow! I took Teagan out and she had a blast. Mostly she was flirting with the snow removal crew, they loved her and made a specially big mound of snow just for her!! As much as I HATE her being called princess in this once instance I have to say it...
The Snow Princess, Teagan on her Snowy Throne!
Loving the Snow!
Teagan's teacher called the on Tuesday night to cancel Which I totally understand because the blizzard was CRAZY!!! But I was glad to get a chance to talk to her. I told her what CHOP thought about Teagan falling below the curve in her speech. Her teacher was not too happy about this. She said Teagan is right where she is suppose to be. She says CHOP comes from a medical view while Early Intervention comes from a educational view . Teagan is one year old... there are many 1 year olds who are not speaking many words yet. Anyway I'm not gonna get myself worked up about any of this. Her teacher says that I am doing everything I can, Teagan is just not ready to speak yet. EI is gonna schedule a Speech Eval. too. So we'll just have to see what happens next!
Today was a very busy day for little miss Teagan. We finally figure out the great hearing aid mold debate. Yes she is too young for Advanced, Yes she is too old for CHOP but alas she is perfectly aged to get her mold done at the Buck's County I.U. So that is where we went this morning. Kris the audiologist who did her molds was wonderful! Teagan didn't fuss at all and of course she loved the big toy box full of cool toys that Kris had for her. I didn't realize that we had to take her impressions to Advanced to get made into molds but thank God Advanced is on the way home from CHOP!
 After we were done at the IU we had to go to CHOP so she could get a booth test done for her hearing. She did so well in the booth. her favorite thing was the duck puppet! Melinda sang her Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toys and Teagan pointed perfectly to her Head, Eyes, Ears, and Nose. What a good girl.
 The test results were pretty good. It looks like Teagan's left ears isn't as bad as initially tested. She is coming in now at a moderate loss instead of severe! That is great news!! It means she is able to hear SOUNDS at conversation level. However it doesn't mean she is picking up all the words.
 Melinda is concerned about Teagan's speech. Teagan is falling below the curve for speaking. This could be one of two things. One could be that she doesn't feel like talking yet, the other could be that she's not hearing it.
 We know that Teagan can hear sounds and we know that she understands directions like "Bring it to me" and "Point to <insert body part>" w/ out visual cues. She also will sign "Milk" when she hears the word milk and sign "eat" when she hears the word Hungry or Eat. So I think I'm leaning more to believing that she's not just ready to talk yet.
 Anyway to cover all bases the first thing we need to do is go for a Speech Eval @ CHOP. The 2nd step will be for Teagan to have a sedated ABR done. If you read this blog often or know me I am not a big fan of Teagan being sedated However I do know that this is completely necessary for her to have the very best chance at speaking normally. Please keep her in your prayers.
 After CHOP we did head up to Advanced just to find out we need a script from her Pediatrician for them to make her molds and fix her aids (i thought the dog only chewed up the mold part, well it turns out she chews the hook part slightly as well) *sigh*  Thank Goodness this is a script that can be faxed so all I had to do is make a phone call. Yay!
 All in all it was a pretty good day. I am a little sad about Teagan falling below the curve but at the same time she is so above the curve for everything else. Even though she isn't speaking more than a couple of words she is communicating so beautiful, even Melinda agreed with that. If she wasn't communicating so well she would be frustrated and we all know Teagan is rarely frustrated!
 I am so proud of my baby girl and how well she deals with all the poking and prodding that she has endured since birth. LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!
 I love posting about Teagan's life. Being able to relive every single one of Teagan's "moments" has been such a joy and has further cemented the details of those funny, serious and wonderful moments. This is a blog I plan to keep going well into Teagan's teenage life and hopefully beyond!
 I want Teagan to be able to come to this site when she is older  and see everything she has brought me as a mother. But I am running into a dilemma. I want to write more but not everything is appropriate for my daughters blog. So I have created another blog titled This blog is about what I am going through being a domestic abuse <strike> victim </strike> survivor. Unfortunately being a survivor and everything that goes with it is now a part of me. For a link to this blog please email me earsfortheangels@hotmail.com 
Teagan and I went to a little diner near our house for dinner last night. I got her some penne and meatballs (hold the sauce). I cut up her one of her meatballs and she was eating nicely. Then she grabbed a whole meatball and started chomping on it like an apple.. She got the "WOW" face , i totally need to get a picture of that face because it is HYSTERICAL!!. After she finished her WHOLE meatball she grabbed another one and hurled it at my head!!!!!!! It took everything in me not to laugh. I said, "Now Teagan we do not throw our food and we especially don't throw our food at Mommy's head"  She got the goofiest look on her face like, Mom you always try and get me to throw the ball back and forth and now your telling me not too!!! LOL Then I started to laugh.. BAD IDEA because 2 seconds later she threw her sippy cup at me. This is when being a mom is very trying. You want to teach them well but they are such little comedians at this age. I need to practice my stern mom face in the mirror...HAHA!
 Where did January Go? Another month that has flown by way to fast! I wish I could find the magic button that would things down a bit!!
 Teagan is doing great! Getting into everything like any normal toddler. I swear this kid likes hearing the words NO, GET DOWN, and TIME OUT! lol But for all the stressful things they do at this age they also have this incredibly sweet and loving side to them.
Last night 2 am I was just about to fall asleep when I hear this little voice say "Mom" I thought she was dreaming then I hear "Ma Mom, Mom, MOM!!!" and then a little whimper with my eyes adjusting to the dark I finally see Teagan standing in her crib staring at me with her arms held out. "Hi Teagan. Mommy Missed you today" and her head goes on my shoulder and arms go round my neck. "mommy is sorry she has to work so much and can't tuck you in every night" and her little hand starts patting my back. "Mommy loves you baby" and she lifts her head to look at me and says "ov u" My heart melted. I gave her one final squeeze and kiss and put her into her crib when she fell right back asleep.
 It was an amazing moment that I will never forget!!
My sweet Girl