Please if you are a victim of Domestic Abuse RUN FOR YOUR LIFE and for the LIVES and WELL BEING OF YOUR CHILDREN... NEVER FORGET...
Today I have to go to court to testify against Teagan's dad. I am quite nervous because I have to be exposed emotionally and physically (through photographs) to a room full of strangers.  But knowing that it will keep my daughter safe is what will get me through today. I am so glad that she won't be far from the court house and minutes after it is all over I will be able to scoop her up and give her hugs and kisses. More importantly I'll see her beautiful smile.  Teagan's smile. The smile that reminds me the nightmare is over, it reminds me that I have the power to protect myself and my daughter and never be caught in the nightmare again.  Its love in its purest form.
My Happy Healthy 15 Month old!
How she has grown. My Tiny Teagan was born 6lbs 9 oz (25th percentile) 20 1/4 inches long (75th%) w/ a head circumfrence of 12.5 inches (5th percentile) Today my not so Tiny Teagan is 22lbs 7 oz (50th percentile) 31inches (75th%) w/ a head circumfernce of 17.75 inches (25th %) I still call her Tiny, no matter how tall she gets she will always be my Tiny Little One!!!
The doctor says she is a picture of health and development. She looks wonderful! She is hitting all her milestones and is healthy as horse. I decided against the H1N1 vaccine. She got her flu shot at 12 months and because she is such a healthy child and we practice hand washing and other prevention methods I felt that it was unncessary to get the H1N1. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would be glad to hear them. :-)
 This 15 month appointment was certianly different from her others because she FREAKED OUT as soon as the nurse tried to touch her. I never seen her like that. She screamed and threw her arms around my neck putting me in the death grip!!! Once the nurse left she wrapped her arms and legs around me and laid her head on my shoulder and just held me so tight. Of course by the time I got her calmed the doctor came in. He needed to check her ears and he was holding one of her arms... She did the funniest thing. She looked him in the face yelled at him and then took her free hand and pushed his hand off her arm... it was hysterical even the doctor was cracking up. I told the doctor it was strange for her to be acting like this and he said... No its not!! It 100% normal she's smarter now and knows what the doctor is all about! So i Felt better after hearing that.
Even after all that she only cried for a minute or so after the nurse gave her the shots and minutes later she was in the waiting room entertaining the whole room!! Such a Goober!!
  Teagan got her first real bleeding boo boo shortly after we left the doctors. We went to Yum Yums for donut holes and whole milk because she was such a brave girl and as I was snapping the battery compartment of Teagan's aidde  it caught her ear. She looked shocked then started screaming as she laid her head on my shoulder she lifted her head up and that when i saw all this blood. My poor little girl!! She cried a few minutes but then was all happy again when she saw Heather and Tommy! She forgot all about her boo boo but I was still trying to stop the bleeding. It bled for about 30 minutes but evenutally it stopped and she hasn't even seemed to notice it! Such a good girl!
 I guess the ear just like the head looks worse than it really is!! 
Melinda finally called back and we are still in the process of trying to figure out who will do Teagan's molds. Hopefully I will get some word pretty soon! Its irra
One Year Ago today Teagan got her first set of hearing aids!! Today was a special day indeed.... and for your viewing pleasure a couple of videos from one year ago today.
#1  Minutes after her audiologist put them in for the first time.
#2 Her first night with her aiddes  It sounds like she says "NO"
#3 This is 4 days after getting her hearing aids. She went from barely babbling before to THIS:




Just spent an hour on this post when all of a sudden IT ALL GOT DELETED... oh yeah not happy! Guess I'll try again tomorrow.
Yaay! We got one of Teagan's aids back today!! It didn't take as long as I thought it would... THANK GOD! The other mold still needs to get fixed but I am not sure when they will be able to get us in. Teagan is too old to go through the Baby Bank to get her molds but too young for Advanced to her molds so currently her audiologist and I are trying to work out who exactly will do Teagan molds. I'm not sure if insurance will cover it or not so Monday I have a phone call to make!
 She has not touched them since I put them back in this morning so HOPEFULLY she will continue with that.
 This week has been ok. Teagan has been amazing but I've been working like a crazy person!! I miss my babes like crazy but she has sooo much fun with her aunts to that makes it a lot easier!
 Yesterday we went to the mall so she could play on the indoor playground and ride around in the buggy. Normally I don't go into stores but when I seen the Disney Store with a big SALE sign I got sucked in... and Teagan, dear Teagan made out! LOL She got a Cinderella barbie for Christmas last year, baby Belle for Christmas this year and yesterday she got Toddler Aurora and Ariel... here she is.. surrounded by Princesses!
 ....for baby Gavin David Bruce Norton who passed away today. Please continue to pray for him and his family. This is a sad day indeed. Rest In Peace Baby Gavin (10/24/09- 01/07/10).
Today I read a heartbreaking story about a very sick little boy. His name is Gavin and he is only 8 weeks old. He is suffering from RSV, pertussis, and pneumonia. You can read more on his condition at Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
This story hit me hard it reminded me of last Christmas eve when Teagan's burning little body woke me. After rushing her to the ER I found she had RSV. I remember how scary it was so I can't even imagine how this family must feel. Please, Please take a few minutes and pray for this family.

Somedays knowing your little 1 year old wears $6,000 in her ears is a little scary. Yes we've had another hearing aid disaster. It all started yesterday. Its been so cold that going out has been impossible  and Teagan was starting to get cabin fever so I decided a trip to the malls indoor playground followed by a couple laps in her buggy would be a good idea. Once we got their and unbundled it was hearing aid time. I went to put her aids in her ear gears and I accidently snapped the aid. I was heartbroken. Sometimes those little things are just so fragile. I tried not to get to upset because these things happen and they are under warrenty. I called her audiologist and dropped her aid off to be repaired. 
 After going to CHOP I decided a mother/ daughter day would be great! So we went to Friendly's for some lunch. We met up with my sister and Teddy and had a great time....
Teddy Giving Teagan some Ice Cream
Teagan gets a Kiss
And another one!
We went to ToyrUs after and finally was able to find The Cushy Pink Tonka Truck!! We browsed a few more stores until the kids were all tuckered out. We went back to Danielles and we were having a great time until Precious decided to use Teagan's remaning hearing aid as a chew toy. She chewed up the whole ear mold. Thank GOD the hearing aid itself was not damaged.  I realize these things would happen but TWICE IN TWO DAYS!!! That is just so wrong. Just another one of those things that comes along with the territory I suppose. So now she probably won't have aids for over a month. Thankfully she is entirely ahead of the game so this should not set her back at all (according to her teacher) 
Hello 2010 I am so glad you are finally here! I can just feel this year is going to be so awesome. There are big things in store and I am so excited to watch it all unfold. 
 Teagan was so affectionate today it was so cute. She kept laying her head on my shoulder and giving me hugs and kisses. We played all day. Around 4 we went to visit Aunt Jessie. She always has such a great time with her auntie. Sugar gave her tons of wet doggie kisses, She didn't like that too much..LOL
 We were having so much we didn't want to go. But Teagan's bed time came way to fast tonight! So we gave out hugs and kisses and headed home. We can't wait to see Jessie again!!