Yesterday SUCKED again it was raining and gross out. So depressing. But today was beautiful! Teagan, Aunt Dot and I walked down 2nd Street Pike to the Superfresh just for the fresh air! Danielle and Teddy met us there and while Aunt Dot drove Teddy home Danielle and I took the long way home. It was nice just the 3 girls!
 I am sitting for Teddy over night and he is just a sweetheart but I know I don't want another child for a long time! He pulled Teagan's hearing aids out like 3 times.. (THANK GOD FOR EARGEAR, they never went too far!) But he did listen very well after I told him NO for the 3rd =)
 Trying to 2 kids ready for bath and bed at the same time was NOT the easiest thing in the world heh. But I did manage. Teddy was so cute in the bath tub w/ Teagan. He even helped wash her  hair!
 After I put Miss Teagan to bed Teddy wanted to go back into the bath tub. He was too cute I got a couple of adorable videos he is just a doll.
 I felt like a REALLY bad person/mother/aunt today... While Teddy was in the bath room the fire alarm siren across the street went off  and Teddy starts going wooo0ooooohhhwooo  I got jealous. He was so adorable mimicking the sounds he hears and it wasn't just the words it was the way he reacted to just hearing the sounds... Oh well.. It was just a passing jealousy.
 She is in her crib now sleeping so soundly and looking so cute laying on her side like a little grown up.. She truly is the love of my life and I can't imag

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