Well the hearing aid breaker is back with a vengeance. She broke her hearing aids again this time she snapped it in half... Bleh. I couldn't believe it. I swear her audiologist has to be thinking I am doing it purpose. LOL.
 Teagan hasn't really taken anymore un assisted  steps since August but she is all over the place and getting FAST! She loves to be in motion. Her daddy took her on a trampoline the other day and I swear I never heard her laugh so hard.
 I finally got a job!! I'll still be full time mommy beacuse I still don't trust that any daycare will be consistent with making sure her hearing aids will be in. So I'll be working nights after her dad gets home.
 Today Teagan was suppose to have her first visit Fall visit with her teacher for the deaf but the teacher came down with what may be the swine flu :( I wish her a very speedy recovery!
 Last but not least in my quest to make people aware of infant hearing loss here is the article I wrote for Bukisa.com http://www.bukisa.com/articles/148131_so-your-child-failed-their-newborn-hearing-screen-now-what

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