On 2/22/2010 Miss Teagan had to go to CHOP for her sedated ABR. She did really good when we first got there. They did a tympanogram and the results were wonderful showing her ears drums were moving perfectly. Then they did a otoacoustic emissions test which came back absent which is normal for her so things were looking pretty good.
 We had a visit with her ENT she was so curious looking at everything in the room. She held very still when the doctor cleaned her ears.
 Over in the other building it was time to get ready for Tiny to be sedated. They put this numbing stuff on her hand for the IV and let her play with the other kids. It was heartbreaking because at this particular office of CHOP it was mostly kids undergoing chemo therapy. They were such amazing children all in good spirits and having a great time playing Wii!
 After awhile they gave her Giggle Juice. That was hysterical. My dad was their and every time he even looked at her she cracked up!! I got a little of it on video too funny...They did the IV and she didn't even move.. the nurses were impressed. Anyway she went to sleep with out any problem... BUT.. she woke up in the middle of the procedure so they had to give her more medicine.  the audiologist finished and gave us the results...She is now moderate sloping to severe in her left and  HAS GONE SEVERE SLOPING TO PROFOUNDLY DEAF IN HER RIGHT EAR! For now that means trying to adjust her hearing aids. But as it looks she will need different more powerful aids. Her audiologist is looking into if she will be a candidate for implants. She's not sure because it is only one ear that is profound.
 A minute after the results were read Teagan woke up....well sorta. her body woke up but her mind was not awake. She was screaming and flaring around. She was like the Reagan from the Exorcist. They were trying to give her liquids through a syringe because her mouth was so dry and her body was sooo hot :( It was really hard. 
 three hours later she was still screaming but they said she was stable enough to go home and that she would probably do better in a familiar environment. They gave us the on calls number and they put her in her car seat. true to their words with in minutes of being in her seat she stopped screaming and fell asleep.
 It was a rough day. For Baby and Mommy. Even a week later I still get teary thinking about how Tiny woke up! Glad it is all over.
 A video of Grampy and Tiny when she was on the giggle juice. It was funny but extremely heartbreaking no one should have to see their child looking high :(
03/03/2010 10:09

I could use some of that giggle juice.

Teagan's Mommy
03/03/2010 20:36

I told the nurse at CHOP next time I have to watch Teagan go through something like that to please have a gallon of giggle juice ready for me! LOL


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