Tiny had her 18th month old appointment yesterday. Her current stats: 22lbs 17oz, 23 inches long, and 18 inches. Her current percentiles length 75th, her head 30th and her weight has dropped from 50th to 30th. The doctor is not very concerned right now because of how active she is and because her exam showed her to be perfectly healthy. HOWEVER he has scheduled her back in 2 months instead of 6 months for a weight check.
 Recently my poor girl has been teething so hard. She is working on 4 teeth and is not handling it very well. She has been running a fever off and on for a week and refuses to eat more than few bites. She is becoming easily frustrated because she can't tell us what she wants. She points to things but when it takes us more than a minute to figure out what she wants she FREAKS out sooo bad. She's screaming and crying more than she is smiling anymore. She's having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. The doctor says this is all normal. My poor baby. I hope these teeth erupt soon!!! The funny part is she was all smiles at the doctors!!
 Teagan has her first visit with her new speech therapist, Felicia on Monday. Felicia is great. Teagan is not falling too much behind. We learned a few new things to help her start using her voice more. Teagan is repeating things like crazy anymore which is great! Her doc says that they want kids her age using 3-6 words on there own. Teagan knows and uses Hello (enro) Bye Bye (buh buh) Night Night (ni-ni) and Mommy (mamah) When prompted Teagan can say , Banana (BuhNana), I love you (I wuv ew), I did it (did it), Gramme (Amme), Aunt Dot, Mike (Mi), Tommy (ommy), I don't know (i dono), duck (ack, ack).
 She can sign: more, eat, thank you, book, baby, bug, milk, ball.
She can understand and follow directions such as : Get your baby. Where is your milk?, Where is mommy (aunt dot, teddy, aunt dee, mike, dog, cat, sheep, cow, chicken, horse.) Get your blankey and a bunch more.
She knows where and will point when asked to her Tummy, head, ears, eyes nose, mouth and toes.
 She is doing so much and we are all very impressed with how far along she has come.
 Tomorrow she has an appointment with Melinda so we can check her aids and possibly get her new more powerful aids. I am hoping with as early as she needs to be up and with her current teething situation she will be ok at this appointment.
 So that's about it. Every time I Blink an eye i swear this kid is learning
04/27/2010 20:20

That's amazing Amanda. I'm sorry that she's teething pretty badly. Dove was at that stage too....and I'm still waiting for the second set of molars to pop out! Her gap has closed up a bit, so her molars are getting ready to pop out. That's the worse teething yet as far as I've heard.

I'm glad that she is doing so much as far as talking, signing, and understanding things. Dove is 20 months old and even though I understand her baby language, she still hasn't pronounce some words right. But she is starting to say it right little by little. For whatever reason, she would say "bye bye" for french fries!!!!! I'm serious! It's funny! But I'm not worried because she is going to pronounce them correctly eventually.

Keep doing what you're doing Amanda. Youre' an AWESOME mommy!!!

Much love to you and Teagan!


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